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2 Women Engaging in a Fight Throws Baby Like a Toy Outside of a Bar During

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An incident that took place just past 1 am outside a Daytona Beach bar, two women now face charges of child abuse and battery after they were caught on camera tossing a baby like a football.

This disturbing event occurred right outside the Coyote Ugly bar, sending shockwaves throughout the local community and prompting a discussion on child safety and responsible intervention.

The shocking scene was captured by surveillance cameras, showing a woman dressed in a thong bikini holding a baby while attempting to strike another woman who was recording the incident on her cell phone. To protect her friend, another woman in a skimpy bikini stepped in, trying to shield her from the growing crowd.

The witness who recorded the incident explained that she wanted to document a genuinely disturbing situation. Both women, clad in thong bikinis, were seen aggressively throwing the baby into the air, creating a potentially dangerous situation for the child. Onlookers were left in a difficult situation, torn between wanting to help and fearing that any intervention might harm the baby further.

Outside the Coyote Ugly bar, one woman even offered to hold onto the baby until the police arrived, underlining the urgency of the situation. Store owner Sean Knapp, who captured the incident on his security cameras, described how it seemed like the baby’s head may have hit a rail, evoking a deep emotional response from those who viewed the footage.

The police acted swiftly, charging 19-year-old Brianna LaFoe and 20-year-old Sierra Newell with child abuse and battery. Both women have been released from custody, but the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and responsible bystander intervention when a child’s safety is at risk.

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Local residents are grappling with deep concerns over the incident, prompting discussions about child protection and the role of witnesses in preventing harm to vulnerable individuals. This shocking altercation outside the Daytona Beach bar underscores that the safety of children must always be a top priority.

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