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EU is Finished if They Don’t Deport Thousands of African Men Out Of Italy- Patrick Christys

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A crisis involving migrants in Europe has become a major concern, leading to calls for urgent action. Prominent commentator Patrick Christys expressed deep concern, saying that the future of Europe is in jeopardy.

The crisis centers around Lampedusa, a small Italian island, where about 11,000 African men have arrived in recent days, outnumbering the local population two to one. While some claim they are fleeing from war and persecution, there’s increasing evidence that most are economic migrants. This has raised suspicions that there might be organized efforts to disrupt Europe.

There are even rumors that Russia’s Wagner group might be involved in helping these migrants enter Europe. Germany and France have refused to accept more migrants from Italy, arguing that Italy needs to do more to address the issue.

Despite calls for the UK to join an EU asylum program, the EU’s current policies seem to be unclear and unstable. The people of Lampedusa are facing the brunt of the crisis, with images of overcrowded boats and arrivals shocking the world.

This situation has sparked debates about whether the EU should use Lampedusa as a temporary holding facility for illegal immigrants before deporting them or allowing them to stay in Europe. This could potentially lead to hundreds of thousands or even millions more migrants coming in. Italy is often a gateway to Europe for many African migrants, with the UK being their ultimate destination.

The crisis not only raises questions about the number of migrants but also about conflicts arising from cultural and religious differences among the migrants themselves. These divisions add complexity to an already challenging situation.

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Political leaders, including EU chief Ursula von der Leyen and the UK’s Keir Starmer, have visited Lampedusa and discussed possible solutions. However, the urgency of the matter is clear, and the EU faces a critical choice: whether to deport the thousands who have arrived or risk the stability and unity of Europe.

As the migrant crisis continues to escalate, it remains to be seen how European leaders will address this pressing issue and whether the EU can find a cohesive response.

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