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We Should Look After Our Own First- Illegal Immigration Crisis Caused Public Reactions

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The issue of immigration has sparked a range of opinions among citizens. People candidly share their thoughts on this complex and contentious topic.

Many express their frustration with the current immigration landscape, which they believe has led to overcrowding and resource strains in some areas where immigrants have settled. “It’s tough to see too many of them on the street, in gangs, selling drugs, and causing trouble,” notes one resident.

Some citizens also expressed concerns about the government’s reliance on other countries to control the borders. “We can’t rely on other nations to do our job; we should have better control over our borders,” remarks another individual.

However, not everyone views immigration through the same lens. Many residents emphasize the importance of compassion and understanding, pointing out that individuals forced to leave their homes are often fleeing dire circumstances. “We should welcome people with open arms because we don’t know their stories,” a compassionate citizen commented.

When asked about their preferred political party to address the immigration issue, responses were mixed.

Some citizens expressed disillusionment with the current political landscape, while others called for a new and fresh political party that could tackle immigration challenges differently. “If I had my way, there would be more referendums, and the people should decide,” suggested one respondent.

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