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Crowd Blocks Busy Peckham Road After Altercation Between Shop Owner and Customer Sparks Outrage

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A bustling road in Peckham came to a standstill today as a crowd of concerned citizens gathered outside Peckham Hair and Cosmetics following the circulation of a video on social media showing an altercation between the shop owner and a woman. The video, posted on Instagram, depicted the shop owner, Sohail Sindho, apparently placing his hands around the woman’s throat after she was accused of attempting to steal from the store.

A crowd blocked a busy road in Peckham today after a social media video showed a shop owner owner putting his hands around a woman’s throat when she allegedly tried to steal from his store.

The dramatic footage showed a heated exchange between a woman and a man believed to be Mr. Sindho. The video begins with the man standing behind the woman as they grapple with each other, while a person behind the camera threatens to call the police. In the midst of the scuffle, the woman is seen hitting the man over the head with a plastic shopping basket after he appeared to put his hands around her neck. She can be heard yelling for someone to call the police, alleging that she was being strangled.

According to Mr. Sindho, the altercation erupted following a disagreement over a refund for hair products. He claimed that the woman had attempted to take items from the store’s shelves without paying, leading to a heated argument.

According to reports by The Daily Mail on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, the video quickly gained traction on social media, sparking outrage and calls for a boycott of the shop. A planned protest outside Peckham Hair and Cosmetics was organized, scheduled to take place at 2 p.m. today.

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In anticipation of the protest and to ensure the safety of all parties involved, the shop decided to close its doors temporarily. However, this did not deter a growing crowd of demonstrators, who gathered outside the shop to peacefully voice their concerns about what they perceive as an example of everyday male violence against women.

Initially, a small group of protestors assembled outside the store, brandishing banners, but the crowd steadily grew as more concerned residents joined the demonstration. Security for the event was provided by a local resident who donned a stab vest, emphasizing the importance of ensuring community safety during the protest.

The incident has ignited a broader conversation about conflicts between shop owners and customers and has also highlighted the power of social media in drawing attention to such incidents. Authorities are currently investigating the altercation, and the Peckham community continues to express their desire for justice and accountability in this case.

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