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They Came Across a Giant Orca. Upon Closer Inspection, They Noticed Something Frightening!

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When veteran diver Julian noticed a large animal in distress under the water, he immediately got to work trying to help the creature. And that’s when he noticed something truly frightening.

Many people know Indonesia for its incredible biodiversity and the gorgeous scenery that has led it to become a desired vacation spot. These are the reasons why one day, a group of tourists found themselves on an Indonesian boat with professional diver Julian Dungio. The group was being brought around the islands while tourists enjoyed the fresh air and watched out for mantas, turtles, or any of the many forms of marine life found in the Indian Ocean. This sort of boating was a major factor in the country’s booming tourist industry, and for this reason, boats have learned and perfected their routes over the years.

Locals noticed that tourists responded with the most excitement when the boaters could bring them to the less-visited islands. The distance brought them away from other tourists, so they could focus on nature and visit places not photographed in the main resort websites and brochures. The extra touch made people feel unique and special, so the locals leaned into that.

There was one thing about this business tactic, though – it did also increase the risk of injury or coming across less-friendly animals. Now, Julian had always known that he wanted to be a diver. He spent years educating himself and gaining experience so that his dreams could come true.

He was living on one of Indonesia’s islands called Garantalo because of the proximity to some exceptionally clear waters. Julian established himself as a brave and competent diver, and in a few short years, he landed the job he’d been gunning for. He now worked on the tourist boats and helped show visitors the plants and animals indigenous to the area.

While Julian’s most frequent job was to jump in the water to lead the diving tours, he would also occasionally accompany the fishing boats on their expeditions. On this day, while on a fishing boat, they saw something truly rare deep under the surface of the water – something quite large. There were very few marine animals that could grow to such a massive size – whales, perhaps, or frightening sharks.

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Julian and the boatmen had keen eyes and knew how to see through the waters. They spotted the large form looming below first, but they knew it was only a matter of time before one of the guests saw it too. Julian got to work immediately to try to identify the animal, and while he was at it, he also noticed something alarming – the animal was not moving. This was not the normal behavior of a large fish in the Indian Ocean.

As the tourists started noticing the creature, they congregated to the side of the boat that had the best view. They began to snap pictures and ask questions, but the fishermen didn’t know what to answer. Little did they know that they were not on a standard boat trip that day – something truly special happened.

Julian geared up and prepared himself to jump into the waters to investigate. He was nervous and felt like he was being watched by all the guests as he went through his process. The other staff members explained what was going on, and everyone became alert and fascinated in Julian’s deep-sea expedition. Guests and fishermen alike held their breath as they watched Julian dive in. They were very nervous, as some of the pictures the tourists had taken showed something strange.

They brought their photos to the fishermen to show them, and they all looked at a big fin sticking out from atop the fish. That meant that the animal was likely a shark of some sort. The fishermen looked closely at the images, but between one another, they could not definitively determine if the creature was really a shark. It was all up to the brave Julian, who would soon be swimming downward below the boat to gather more information.

Julian was a rather remarkable person. He saw each and every living thing as precious and important and was ready to help whatever creature was stuck below. He had a very strong hunch that the mystery creature was tangled in a fishing net or other such trap. Being held virtually immobile would be bad for the creature’s health, and that was all Julian needed to know to want to help it.

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Meanwhile, all of the others thought of the risks to his safety. What if he swam back down to meet a very angry shark? Could he really help the creature and manage to get it back to the boat unscathed? Freeing this animal was going to require precision and delicacy. Julian took in measured breaths and went about things one step at a time.

He reached the orca and called for reinforcements. The whale and the boat crew drew nearer and nearer. The tourists were experiencing the adventure of their lives as they watched all the action up close. One of the fishermen, a friend of Julian’s, jumped in the water to help him. All of the stimulus was making the orca even more uncomfortable, and it began to flail and try to scare the men away. But they were too compassionate to leave an animal in need. It was likely terrified and unsure of what was going to happen.

Julian and his friend tried to use their voices and body language to communicate to the orca that they were there to help, not to harm. Julian began slowly and deliberately untangling the fishing lines. It was hard work, and the poor orca was not enjoying it. He noted the increased signs of discomfort coming from the animal, and he knew he had to do something quickly.

Under the watchful eye of his friend, Julian swam over to the orca’s fin, and in an action that was either incredibly brave or incredibly foolish, he began to pet it. The tourists watched in awe as he blatantly risked his life and breathed out a collective sigh of relief when they saw the whale relax and stop moving around. The air was electric as everyone watched in silence.

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Then the hushed words of Julian’s friend fell upon the water. He told Julian to trade places with him because there was something frightening he needed to see right away. They gently swam around until Julian could see what his friend was talking about. He breathed in a sharp gasp as, for the first time that day, he looked afraid.

The main fishing line bothering the orca was actually still underwater near the orca’s belly, and Julian could now see the knot constricting it. On the one hand, this was good news because now he knew exactly what he needed to do to free the animal. On the other hand, however, it was deeply frightening to swim underneath an orca like that. The chances of Julian getting injured or worse were very high.

Some people asked him to stop, but those who knew him understood that nothing could get in the way of him helping a creature in need. His friend continued working to keep the orca calm while Julian swam beneath to cut the lines off. It took some time, and everyone waited with bated breath until they saw the joyful sight of the lines floating up and away from the orca.

Miraculously, the whale stayed still long enough for Julian and his friend to make it safely back to the boat. Still, the orca remained frozen on the spot, and Julian’s heart melted as he realized he needed to encourage the poor thing to swim. He used a large stick to gently prompt the whale to move its tail. Once that was accomplished, the orca seemed to understand that it really was free.

Everyone cheered as it happily swam away, and no one smiled more broadly than Julian. He had not only managed to save a majestic creature but also to get back on the boat unscathed. The orca was clearly grateful for his help, and he was going to remember that feeling forever.

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1 Comment

  1. Brenda Murdoch

    September 15, 2023 at 5:12 pm

    Truly amazing, such a brave man to risk not only his life. Also the life of colleagues & guests.

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