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Couple shocked after discovering hundreds of bottles of rum hidden behind home’s walls

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A couple couldn’t believe their eyes when they started removing a wall attached to their home.

Cathy and Roy Aukamp, 51 and 52, were in the process of moving into their new home when they made the incredible discovery.

Just two days after moving into the house in New Jersey, USA, the Aukamps had to deal with a flooded basement after heavy storms in the area.

Cathy said: “My husband had to remove wet plasterboard and all these bottles came pouring out of one of the walls.

“The person who did it saw the video after it went viral and reached out and said there are hundreds more but also that he is now three years sober.”

They posted their find on social media and people online were similarly taken aback.

One Instagram user commented: “You bought a house from Captain Morgan himself!”

Another said: “There is nothing funny about this, that poor person had a bad addiction, and I’m sorry that the new chapter in your life had to start off this way with your new home.”

The video shows Roy pulling out several bottles as many more come cascading out onto the floor.

Cathy seemed pretty amused by the whole scenario and asked if her partner was ‘thirsty’, but Roy just shook his head in disbelief.

Looks like they have their work cut out for them.

But this couple certainly isn’t the first to discover a relic from a previous owner.

Comedian and TikTok user @loubobang shared a clip showing what was written behind the old paper hanging on the walls of her Georgian home.

In the video, she explains she’d been scraping away through all the old layers of paper, when she came across a doomsday warning – that happened to be a significant date.

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Showing off the walls, complete with weird message, she said: “I’m not easily unsettled. I don’t mind hauntings, cellars, cupboards, whatever, I’ll deal with it.

“But today is the first time I did feel a little bit edgy and that’s because I’ve been stripping this wallpaper.

“There’s about five layers of it before you get back to the original plaster. And as I was scraping I uncovered some writing and I thought, ‘I wonder what that says’.

“I scraped away some more and revealed ‘September 10th, doomsday’.

“The reason that’s freaked out is because September 10th is my f***ing birthday and this is all just getting a little bit weird now.”

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