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One reason baby killer nurse Lucy Letby might be allowed to leave prison – but it is not guaranteed

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Last month, the shocking conviction of Lucy Letby sent shockwaves through the nation. The former neonatal nurse was found guilty of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder six others during her time at the Countess of Chester hospital in 2015 and 2016.

As a result, she received a whole-life order, ensuring she would spend the remainder of her life incarcerated. However, amidst the grim reality of her sentence, there exists a faint possibility that Letby could momentarily step outside the prison walls, and here’s why.

Lucy Letby is serving a full-life sentence for murdering seven babies on the neonatal unit where she worked

Dylan Rhys Jones, a former criminal defense lawyer, has shed light on the only scenario in which Lucy Letby might temporarily leave her prison cell – a family emergency.Mirror reported on Monday, September 4,2023, that Rhys Jones explained that the most plausible reason for her temporary release would be the serious illness or impending death of a close relative. Even then, it’s not guaranteed that she would be allowed to leave.

Prison authorities maintain a meticulous process for evaluating whether a prisoner is eligible for temporary release, even if it’s just for a few hours. If Letby were to apply for such a release to attend a funeral or address a family emergency, a thorough assessment would be conducted. Factors considered include her potential risk to herself, the risk she poses to the public, and the likelihood of her absconding.

In the UK, prisoners can apply for a special purpose license, a temporary release that permits eligible offenders to respond to exceptional personal circumstances. However, these requests are subject to rigorous scrutiny, and not all are approved.

James Bore, a chartered security professional and director of family consultancy Bores, emphasized the unlikeliness of Letby being granted temporary release. He cited concerns for her safety, as she is currently segregated within the Low Newton prison facility to prevent potential attacks. He also debunked rumors of her being attacked, labeling them as misinformation.

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In essence, while there may be a slim chance for Lucy Letby to momentarily step outside the prison walls, it would require a compelling family emergency, a rigorous risk assessment, and a determination by prison authorities that the release poses no significant risk to the public or herself.

The case of Lucy Letby has drawn significant public attention and revulsion due to the heinous nature of her crimes. As she serves her full life sentence, the prospect of her brief respite from incarceration remains speculative at best.

The justice system’s paramount concern is ensuring that the punishment fits the crime and that the safety of society remains the top priority, even in exceptional circumstances like these.

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