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It’s Now Difficult For Boat Migrants To Cross As French Now Punctured and Damage Boats Used by Smugglers-Mark White

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In a recent interview with GB News, Mark White, the Home and Security Editor, revealed that French authorities are taking strong measures to stop migrant boat crossings in the English Channel. According to White, French law enforcement is now using tactics like puncturing and damaging the boats used by smugglers to make it harder for them to cross illegally.

A Strong Approach Unveiled

During the interview, Mark White discussed the ongoing issue of migrant boat crossings in the English Channel, which has become a major concern. He explained that French police are taking a tough stance, saying, “We’ve heard reports that French police are using aggressive methods. They are stopping boats before they even get into the water, by puncturing and damaging them.”

This tougher approach represents a significant change in how French authorities deal with the issue. White mentioned that these tactics are aimed at disabling the boats used by people-smuggling gangs, making it more difficult for them to start their journeys.

Pushing Smugglers Southward

White also talked about the results of this stronger approach. He said, “Because of more police and these tough tactics, smugglers are being pushed further south along the coast. Normally, boats leave from places like Dunkirk and Calais, which are the closest points to the UK. But due to increased policing, we’ve seen boats leaving from locations as far south as Boulogne and even the Somme, which is almost 50 miles south of Boulogne.”

This shift in where smuggling happens shows that smugglers now face more challenges in launching their boats. White explained that this change has led to fewer arrivals compared to the previous year.

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Balancing Safety Concerns

The interview also touched on safety concerns about these tactics. White clarified, “The standard practice for French authorities is not to interfere with the boats once they are in the water unless there is a clear risk to life. In the water, even in shallow areas, it can be dangerous to engage with migrants.”

French naval and patrol vessels continue to follow the boats, ready to help if needed. White explained that migrants are typically left alone, with the hope that they will either return to French waters or reach the UK safely.

An Evolving Issue

The measures taken by French authorities show their determination to address the complex problem of migrant boat crossings. While these tactics have had some success in disrupting smuggling operations, they also raise ethical and humanitarian concerns.

The situation in the English Channel continues to change, and the international community closely watches the actions of both the French and UK governments as they deal with this challenging issue. The interview with Mark White on GB News provides valuable insights into the ongoing developments and the strategies used to combat illegal crossings.

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1 Comment

  1. Catherine Rosewell

    September 7, 2023 at 10:52 am

    I will not support RNLI ever again for their actions I also can Elle’s them from my will

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