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This Man Rubs Dog Belly While Stealing An Electric Bike From a Family Garage

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A man, who was referred to as the “friendliest alleged burglar,” has become the subject of an unusual and surprising story.

In San Diego, he was caught on video petting a dog before stealing a valuable electric bike worth $1,300 , that is £1,112 from a family’s garage.

Thanks to an anonymous tip, the police were able to identify and arrest the 42-year-old suspect who was also a resident of San Diego. The entire situation left the police officers baffled as it was a very unusual case.

The San Diego Police department stated that they found the situation amusing at times, and that they had never encountered anything like it in their careers.

The suspect’s name has not been released yet as the investigation is still ongoing. However, the stolen bike has been recovered and returned to its rightful owner.

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