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Fishermen Capture and Display Shark That Killed Vladimir Popov at Egyptian Beach (Video)

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Fishermen have managed to catch the shark that caused the tragic death of a Russian tourist in the waters near an Egyptian tourist resort. Disturbingly, a video shows the fishermen physically interacting with the shark’s lifeless body by hitting and kicking it.

The environment ministry of Egypt confirmed that a 23-year-old named Vladimir Popov lost his life after being attacked by a tiger shark close to Hurghada. Mr. Popov’s father, Yury Popov, shared the heartbreaking story of how he helplessly watched his son being attacked by the shark, hearing his cries for help.

Yury Popov spoke to a news outlet called 112 and explained that they had gone to the beach to relax. The shark attack happened suddenly and lasted only a few seconds, leaving them with no time to react. Yury Popov wondered what could have been done to save his son, as the shark quickly pulled him underwater.

He also expressed disbelief at the unfortunate turn of events, as the beach is normally considered safe with the presence of boats and yachts. Typically, shark attacks happen in more remote and untouched beaches, making this incident even more unexpected and unfortunate.

Following the attack, fishermen in the area captured the shark and brought it to the shore.

Shockingly, they engaged in aggressive behavior towards the dead shark, as seen in the video.

A graphic video of the incident shows multiple people swimming away from the shark, managing to reach safety, except for Mr. Popov. He can be seen struggling in the water as the shark circles around him, launching repeated attacks before dragging him beneath the surface.

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While shark attacks are rare along the coastal areas of the Red Sea, there were two fatal incidents in Hurghada in 2022, resulting in the deaths of an Austrian and a Romanian tourist within a few days of each other.

Egypt’s Red Sea resorts, including popular destinations like Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh, are famous for their beautiful beaches and vibrant marine life. They attract many European tourists, especially divers who are fascinated by the stunning coral reefs located just off the coast.

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