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I Think People Are Getting a Little Tired Of Harry And Meghan-Kinsey Schofield

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In a recent interview with TalkTV, the well-known American journalist, Kinsey Schofield, made a candid revelation that seems to reflect the sentiments of many.

This summer, the legal drama series “Suits,” in which Meghan Markle once starred, found itself at the top of the charts once again.

Schofield suggested that this resurgence was a result of strategic manipulation rather than organic interest. She remarked, “Somebody took their pointer finger, clicked away on their computer, and propelled ‘Suits’ to the pinnacle. It’s like they put a spotlight on it and said, ‘Push, hit the spotlight button!'”

However, this special attention to “Suits” hasn’t been extended to other Netflix programs, notably the documentary series “Invictus.” Schofield noted, “Invictus isn’t being given the same amount of attention that other Netflix programs have received, certainly not on par with what Harry and Meghan’s docu-series got.

She hinted that some executives might have watched “Invictus” and thought, “This is good, but it isn’t quite what we signed up for.” Consequently, it appears that while the series did receive promotion, it wasn’t something that Netflix was eager to force upon its viewers.

Schofield also touched on a growing sense of fatigue regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She observed, “I also think people are getting a little tired of Harry and Meghan.” This sentiment reflects a broader discussion about how much public attention and promotion should be directed toward the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, especially as they continue their ventures in the entertainment industry.

As the interview concluded, it left viewers pondering whether the fascination with Harry and Meghan is beginning to wane, and whether the entertainment industry’s relentless promotion might be reaching a saturation point.

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