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We dispersal powers to break up a large gathering where bikes were being driven dangerously in Birmingham today- Police Says

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This afternoon in Birmingham, we utilized dispersal powers to disperse a large gathering of individuals driving bikes dangerously.

We received over 60 calls from concerned citizens reporting a gathering of over 100 individuals, including 20 to 30 bicyclists.

Some of the group were riding dangerously, performing wheelies and speeding up and down Moat Lane, Sheldon.

We pulled together specialist resources before moving in at around 5pm to bring the event to a safe conclusion using dispersal powers, which gave us the ability to tell people to leave an area or face arrest.

People have been gathering at the spot this week to pay their respects to Liam Jones, aged 22, who died after being struck by a car near the junction of Moat Lane and Vera Road at around 11.55pm on Tuesday.

Four individuals who were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the murder have been released on bail. The investigation is still ongoing.

This evening, Ch Insp James Spencer of Birmingham Police stated that it is understandable for individuals to gather and pay their respects following the recent incident. The police force is working closely with Liam’s family to provide support during this challenging time.

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“But we cannot tolerate the illegal and dangerous use of the roads, which was putting people who had gathered at the scene at risk as well as other people driving through the area.

“The gathering was causing considerable concern to people in the area.

“We’re reviewing drone footage and other images of incidents that have been reported to us, and we’ll take action where necessary.

“We’ll continue to work with the local community over the coming days as we work to ensure people can pay their respects, while keeping the community in Sheldon safe.

“Our dispersal powers remain in place and we won’t hesitate to use them if we feel there’s a further risk to the public.”

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