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Fisherman Found A Submerged Jeep In Lake And Got The Shock Of His Life… A Woman Was Inside, Still Alive!

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One peaceful morning, a fisherman in Texas headed to Lake O’ the Pines for some quiet fishing. However, his calm day took an unexpected turn when he noticed something unusual poking out of the water about 40 feet from the boat ramp.

Upon closer inspection, he was shocked to find a submerged Jeep. The man immediately called for help, and within 18 minutes, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene. Due to the risk involved in wading into the water, they decided to call a tow truck to retrieve the vehicle from the water.

As the fisherman and the tow truck driver approached the Jeep with their boat to attach the winch, they were stunned to discover a woman still alive inside the vehicle! The two men pulled her out of the Jeep and brought her back to dry land.

She was taken to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia, and authorities say it’s incredible that she survived at all! We don’t yet know how she wound up trapped in the car, she believes she was stuck in there for hours.

Thank goodness this fisherman came along when he did!

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