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Sadness As Shelter Dog Loses Hope After 130 Days: ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’

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A rescue dog named Bella had a tough time finding a forever home. She spent four long months at a shelter in Florida without anyone adopting her. A video shared on TikTok by the Humane Society of Broward County showed Bella looking sad and distant, and the caption explained how she was starting to lose hope of finding a home.

Even though Bella is usually a happy and social dog, the shelter staff couldn’t understand why nobody had adopted her. Susan Leonti from the shelter said that Bella was full of happy energy and that everyone at the shelter loved her. Bella enjoyed attention, going for walks, playing in the kiddie pool, and being with the children in the summer camp.

Bella’s situation isn’t unique. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), millions of dogs end up in shelters each year, but not all of them find new homes. People often decide to adopt a dog after only a short interaction, which may not give a full picture of the dog’s personality.

Bella’s story is remarkable because she had a difficult past. Her previous owner gave her up because their landlord didn’t allow bulldog breeds. However, Bella quickly became a beloved character at the shelter.

Concerned about Bella’s well-being, the shelter staff posted the video of her looking sad on TikTok, hoping for a response. The video gained a lot of attention and was watched 3.7 million times. Many people expressed their love and support for Bella, with some even offering to adopt her.

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Incredibly, Bella’s story had a happy ending. Thanks to the viral success of the TikTok video, she found a loving forever home with a family near the beach in southern Florida.


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