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A Month Before a Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You Of These 6 Signs

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Nowadays, many people have busy lives and have to follow hectic schedules. This can easily lead to stress, which can later cause more serious health problems. Most Americans eat a lot of fast food, which also harms their quality of life.

Many Americans struggle to maintain a healthy weight, and obesity is a problem for many. One of the results of the things mentioned above is heart failure or a heart attack. In fact, heart attacks are the number one cause of death in America.

According to some research, our bodies might know if a heart attack is going to happen and try to warn us. Here are some signs we should pay attention to and try to get help for as quickly as possible:

1. Feeling very tired or lacking energy, even for small tasks, can be a sign of fatigue. One reason for this could be that not enough blood is getting to the heart, often because the arteries are narrowed. Fatigue can happen if someone has heart problems.

2. Shortness of breath can occur when the lungs don’t get enough oxygen for the body to work properly. If you or someone you know has shortness of breath, it’s best to see a doctor because it could be a sign of a possible heart attack.

3. If you suddenly feel weak for no clear reason, your body might be telling you to slow down and think about your lifestyle.

4. Dizziness and cold sweats can be caused by poor circulation, and you should not ignore these symptoms.

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5. Chest pressure is a common sign of a heart attack. This pressure keeps increasing until the actual attack happens. 6. Many people who have had heart attacks say they had flu-like symptoms a few days before the attack. If you want to learn more about heart attacks and the symptoms that come before one, you can watch the video below in which Dr. Travis Stork talks about the Symptoms of a Heart Attack.

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