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Prince Harry Return To Charity With Netflix Documentary ” I Felt Emotional After Watching The Trailer”- Sarah Houston

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During a recent interview with TalkTV’s Royal editor Sarah Houston reveals she learned fascinating information about Prince Harry and his significant plans for the future. Houston became emotional after viewing a well-crafted video preview showcasing the inspiring stories of military veterans who participated in the life-changing Invictus Games.

The Invictus Games is like a special sports event for veterans. It’s something that Prince Harry started in 2014. He got the idea after a meaningful experience. He was on a plane back from Afghanistan, and on that plane, there were soldiers who didn’t make it back alive and some who were hurt. This touched Prince Harry’s heart, and he wanted to create something to help veterans heal and feel strong again.

Sarah Houston thinks that this new project is really important for Prince Harry. It’s a way for him to focus on helping others, especially veterans. The Invictus Games are like a special gift from Prince Harry to the world. They show how powerful sports and unity can be for people who have been through tough times.

The Invictus Games are about to happen for the sixth time, and there’s a documentary called “Heart of Invictus” that will come out soon. This documentary is part of a big deal Prince Harry made with a company called Netflix. It’s one of the things that he’s doing after he and his wife Meghan decided to step back from their royal duties.

This documentary is different because it’s not just about Prince Harry and Meghan. It’s about other people who were part of the Invictus Games. This makes it really special. It’s nice to see that Prince Harry cares about showing the stories of other people and not just about himself.

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When we think about Prince Harry and Meghan, we know they’ve had some tough times. They moved to California and wanted to start a new life, but it wasn’t as easy as they thought. They had to make changes and try new things. Meghan is going to start writing again, and Prince Harry is going to keep doing what he’s really good at, which is helping veterans and people who served in the military.

In conclusion, Prince Harry is doing something amazing by helping veterans through the Invictus Games. The new documentary called “Heart of Invictus” is going to show these veterans’ stories. Even though things have been a bit hard for Prince Harry and Meghan lately, they are finding new ways to make a positive impact. It’s inspiring to see them doing good things for others.

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