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Meghan Markle is Focusing On Building Her Social Media Career, While Prince Harry Has Returned Charity- Kinsey Schofield (Video)

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During a Talktv conversation about personal experiences, Kinsey Schofield shared her observation that Meghan Markle is now focusing on building her social media career. In contrast, Prince Harry has returned to his charitable work.

Schofield wonders why Harry didn’t prioritize philanthropy earlier, as she believes it is his true potential. She may have been alluding to past controversies surrounding privacy issues when she referred to Harry’s previous “worldwide privacy tour.”

In an exciting development, the release date for Netflix’s much-anticipated docu-series, “Heart of Invictus,” featuring Prince Harry, has been officially announced. The five-part series is set to premiere on August 30th. Prince Harry, who serves as an executive producer and also appears on camera, describes “Heart of Invictus” as an inspiring narrative of individuals who have come together through service and are now united by their passion for sports.

These remarkable competitors have overcome both visible and hidden injuries, and the series follows their journey to the Invictus Games, a story that commands both admiration and respect. The emotionally charged trailer has already struck a chord with audiences.

Interestingly, it’s revealed that the concept for “Heart of Invictus” was initially pitched to Amazon Prime before Netflix secured the project. This decision could have had significant implications for the trajectory of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s professional endeavors.

While the Oprah interview drew a mix of reactions, “Heart of Invictus” is poised to showcase genuine stories of perseverance and resilience, potentially presenting a more positive image of Harry and Meghan’s American life Kinsey Schofield stated .

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Kinsey Schofield also reveals that Meghan Markle’s recent photos have surfaced while Prince Harry was away. Notably, a photo shared by the upscale brand HighBrow Hippie suggests Meghan’s potential return to Instagram.

Another image, shared by Demois, features Meghan in a sleeveless sweater, raising eyebrows due to her choice of winter attire in warmer weather. Her introduction of a new “calm patch” product has sparked speculation about her possible ventures into entrepreneurship.

Looking ahead, Prince William’s upcoming visit to the United States for the Earthshot Prize annual Innovation Summit is highly anticipated. During this visit, he will engage in various meetings and public appearances.

With a favorability rating that surpasses that of elected officials, Prince William’s impact is expected to be significant. Meanwhile, rumors of secret calls from the Princess of Wales to Prince Harry persist, although her popularity remains steadfast.

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