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French Send Migrants Filled in Boat To UK After Escorting them to a Point In The Channel- Kevin Saunders (Video)

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The ongoing migrant crisis in the English Channel has raised numerous questions about the actions of both French and British authorities in managing the situation. To shed light on this complex issue, Gbnews presenter spoke with a former UK Border Force chief who provided insight into the actions of the French authorities when it comes to dealing with small boats carrying migrants.

According to the former Border Force chief, the French authorities have been following a rather perplexing protocol. Reports suggest that French authorities often escort migrant-filled boats to a certain point in the Channel and then contact the UK Border Force to take over the rescue and interception efforts. This unique approach stems from the migrants’ preference for being rescued by British vessels rather than French ones.

This practice introduces a layer of complexity to the already challenging situation. For instance, an incident occurred recently just four miles off the French coast, prompting questions about why the French didn’t intervene more decisively, given the treacherous conditions and the overloaded state of the boats. Similarly, the decision to bring migrants rescued by British vessels all the way to Dover instead of returning them to Calais raises eyebrows.

A key factor in these actions is the interpretation of maritime law by French authorities. Under the French interpretation, migrants must explicitly express a desire to be rescued, which prompts the French to intervene. This often leads to a peculiar scenario where the French escort migrants toward the international border, only for the migrants to then indicate a preference for being rescued by British authorities.

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The former chief highlighted the larger challenge of managing the crisis, pointing out that while the French have increased their efforts to prevent boat departures from their shores, true cooperation between both nations is crucial. The issue extends beyond a simple matter of enforcement and involves addressing the root causes of migration, which requires collaboration and understanding between all parties involved.

As discussions around the migrant crisis continue, it’s evident that a multifaceted and cooperative approach is necessary to navigate the complexities of this issue. The experiences and perspectives shared by experts like the former Border Force chief provide valuable insights into the motivations and actions of the authorities tasked with managing the crisis.

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