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Worst Agreement I Have Ever Seen: Immigration lawyer expresses displeasure Over deal made with the French government (Video)

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A famous immigration lawyer, Ivan Sampson, recently shared his criticisms of an agreement he believes is the worst in dealing with the ongoing migrant crisis. In an open interview, Sampson expressed his concerns about how the situation is being handled, particularly the agreement between the UK and the French government to reduce the influx of migrants crossing the English Channel.

During a discussion with a news host, Sampson expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of effectiveness in the deal between the two nations. He highlighted the significant financial contribution made by the UK government to the French government aimed at strengthening efforts to control illegal crossings. However, Sampson pointed out that there seemed to be little accountability and performance-related aspects to this funding.

According to Sampson, the French government should adopt a system that rewards them for intercepting illegal migrants who attempt to cross the channel. He believes that this structured and results-oriented approach is more productive than providing financial aid without clear signs of progress. The lawyer also addressed the issue of migrants refusing to cooperate with authorities and cited cases where asylum seekers were hesitant to accept provided accommodations. Sampson expressed doubts about some of the claims made by migrants, including the fear of water after crossing the channel, which has caused public skepticism.

During an interview, Sampson discussed the inefficiencies within the government’s decision-making and removal processes for those who do not qualify for asylum. He expressed frustration at the lack of a proper strategy to handle these cases, which leads to delays and ongoing challenges.

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Throughout the interview, Sampson criticized not only the government but also aspects of the legal profession, acknowledging that there are “bad apples” within every profession, including immigration law. He expressed disappointment in lawyers who may encourage false claims to be presented by asylum seekers.

Overall, Sampson firmly believes that the government needs to take more substantial action to address the migrant crisis. His criticisms were both pointed and thought-provoking, highlighting the complexities of managing such a challenging issue and the need for a more comprehensive and effective approach in collaboration with partner countries.

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