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”He Knows NOTHING!” Mike Graham Slams Sadiq Khan For Saying ULEZ Will HELP Tradespeople

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Gbnews host Mike Graham recently criticized London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, for claiming that the expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) would be beneficial for tradespeople. Graham strongly disagreed with Khan’s statement and even said that he doesn’t know anything about the situation. Khan had said that the ULEZ expansion would improve air quality and lead to fewer sick days for tradespeople.

However, Graham pointed out that there is a difference in benefits between public sector workers and independent contractors. He argued that those in the public sector can take multiple days off without any financial consequences, but independent tradespeople cannot afford such a luxury.

Mike Graham has challenged the effectiveness of the ULEZ expansion in improving air quality and reducing illness among tradespeople. He has requested evidence to support these claims, stating that the air quality within the ULEZ zone is unlikely to be significantly different from other areas.

Graham’s critique is part of a wider discussion on the impact of the ULEZ expansion and its implications for different industries. His views reflect those of many critics who doubt the feasibility of such policies and their actual benefits for the workforce.

The debate on the ULEZ expansion and its supposed advantages for tradespeople is ongoing, and voices like Mike Graham’s continue to challenge the current situation.

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