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Should there be a law that British people are housed before migrants- Jeremy Hudson

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An expert named Jeremy Hudson from Migration Watch UK recently talked about how migrants and British people are treated differently, especially when it comes to where they live. He was really upset about this and said it’s not fair.

Hudson mentioned that if migrants were put in bad homes, a lot of people would be upset and want to help them. But when it happens to British people, not as much is done to make things better.

He also talked about something Rishi Sunak said. Sunak said it’s not right to spend a lot of money on hotels for migrants. Hudson agreed, but he didn’t like the idea of buying fancy apartment buildings for migrants either. He thought that British people should have a chance to live in nice places too.

They also talked about how people are coming to the country in boats, and the boats are getting bigger. These boats are designed to hold more people, and it’s becoming a bigger problem. Hudson questioned whether the things the government is doing to stop these boats from coming are really working.

Hudson’s main point was that things need to be more equal for both migrants and British citizens. He said that changes are needed to make sure everyone is treated fairly and that the government does more to solve these problems.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ken Logan

    August 8, 2023 at 9:24 am

    If the British Government can find the money to house refugees/asylum seekers etc then the money could be found to house Britain’s homeless. The fact that it is not distributed to that effect can only be construed as a deliberate Government policy.

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