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Lawyers might be helping Asylum Seekers lie when they apply to stay in the UK- Jeremy Hutton

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In an interview with Jeremy Hutton, a research consultant at Migration Watch UK, startling claims have emerged regarding the involvement of legal professionals in aiding Asylum Seekers to submit fraudulent applications to remain in the UK. The interview highlights a growing concern over what is being termed as “fraudulent facilitation” within the legal community.

Hutton’s statements strongly condemn the alleged actions of legal consultants who, according to him, are aiding Asylum Seekers in deceptive practices to bolster their applications. “These people effectively are breaking the law; they are helping Asylum Seekers lie to get their applications to stay here approved. It’s fraud; it’s against the law,” Hutton emphasized during the interview.

While Hutton acknowledged that he is not well-versed in the specifics of the law, he indicated that the actions being undertaken by certain legal professionals appear to be in clear violation of the law and ethics. The alleged collusion between legal consultants and Asylum Seekers raises significant ethical and legal questions, particularly as it pertains to the integrity of the legal profession and the immigration process.

The involvement of legal professionals in such activities also raises concerns about the integrity of the legal system and its role in maintaining the rule of law. Hutton expressed his disappointment with the response of the Bar Council, a regulatory body for barristers in the UK, stating that their actions in not addressing this issue adequately have been “extremely embarrassing.”

Hutton pointed out that the Bar Council’s history of opposing government initiatives related to immigration might influence their stance on these allegations. He stated, “They are not neutral actors; they are very set against the government’s Asylum plans. I think that’s a big part of their incentives to not accept the fact that people of their profession are clearly up to no good.”

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The interview also touched upon the larger context of the ongoing migrant crisis, with Hutton suggesting that the lack of deterrence and the involvement of legal professionals aiding fraudulent applications have contributed to the escalating situation. The issue of fraudulent applications, Hutton argues, exacerbates the challenges faced by authorities in managing the influx of migrants.

One specific case discussed during the interview was the Bibi Stockholm migrant barge, which faced a long and interrupted journey before docking in Portland. Hutton expressed skepticism over the significance of the barge’s arrival, calling it a “huge distraction” from the broader challenges related to housing and immigration management.

As the debate surrounding the role of legal professionals in assisting Asylum Seekers with potentially fraudulent applications intensifies, questions remain about the legal community’s responsibility, the role of regulatory bodies, and the implications for the ongoing migrant crisis in the UK. The allegations underscore the importance of transparency, ethical conduct, and the rule of law within the immigration process.

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