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Harry And Meghan Could Not Have Made The Queen’s Life More Miserable- Kinsey Schofield

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Cristo and Kinsey Schofield had an honest conversation regarding recent developments in the Royal Family. They discussed the choices made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over the past few years, analyzing the actions and consequences.

The main topic of the conversation was the Royal Household’s decision to exclude the couple from private family commemorations marking the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. Schofield suggested that this move could be viewed as a response to the couple’s controversial actions, such as their interview with Oprah, their lucrative Netflix deal, and the release of their tell-all book.

Both Cristo and Schofield recognized that the couple had caused division within the family. Schofield commented that their actions towards the end of the Queen’s life appeared to disregard her feelings.

The pair’s controversial Oprah interview, partnership with Netflix, and publication of a book were used as examples to illustrate how Harry and Meghan may have contributed to the strained relationship.

Schofield and Cristo also discussed the contrast between Prince Andrew’s participation in family events and Harry and Meghan’s exclusion. The Royal Family’s lack of explanation and media appearances by Prince Andrew, in comparison to Harry and Meghan’s continued public engagement, led to a perceived lack of trust.

During the conversation, there was a discussion about the difference in popularity between Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, in the United States.

It was acknowledged that Harry had a higher favorability rating, but the release of their book created a significant divide. The discussion highlighted the challenges of balancing public perception with familial relationships. It was noted that the decision to exclude Harry and Meghan from family celebrations exemplified the difficulties the Royal Family faces in managing personal and public expectations.

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