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Asylum seekers who arrived by small boats cannot stay in a barge, because they are afraid of water- Man Reveals

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A famous YouTuber from the channel “History Debunked” has shared what he thinks about where immigrants are living. This channel is known for looking at history stories and ideas. In a recent video, the YouTuber talked about a situation where some people are disagreeing about where immigrants should live.

The YouTuber started by talking about a group called Care for Calais. He called them “troublemakers” and said they are trying to stop a plan by the government. This plan is about moving illegal immigrants from fancy hotels to simpler places to stay. He said that some people in the hotels got used to special treatment like having breakfast in bed and being read stories at night.

The YouTuber also talked about lawyers who are trying to help refugees and asylum seekers. He found it surprising that these lawyers are using an interesting argument this time. They are saying that even though these people took risky boat trips across dangerous waters, they are now scared of water and can’t stay on a big, stable cruise ship.

The YouTuber couldn’t believe this argument because the cruise ship has good things like nice rooms and Wi-Fi. He said it’s strange that people are making a fuss about this ship.

The YouTuber guessed that the argument might lead to a situation where the immigrants can keep staying in the hotels. He thinks it’s a funny situation that’s hard to believe.

At the end of the video, the YouTuber mentioned something about religion that’s related to the topic. This video has made people talk about where immigrants should stay. People have different ideas about this, and the video is a way to start conversations about a difficult topic.

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@heidijames8825: The sad fact is that staff in hotels where migrants are housed often lose their jobs (read about the Stradey Park hotel in Llanelli where all the staff were made redundant prior to the illegals arriving) plus people who had weddings booked etc also lost out. Personally I think it’s preferable these people are put on vessels than in hotels – at least no-one loses their job over it. I hear St. Kilda’s is nice this time of year too – another idea for the gov’t??

@wjf0ne: I remember the disused mills soldiers were supposed to live in while stationed in Belfast in the 1970’s. A crying disgrace.
One soldier I know was delighted with the barracks he occupied recently in Germany, compared to barracks in England, but as the British are slowing leaving it was suggested the barracks be used for immigrants to Germany. Germany declared the barracks to be less than ideal for their new darlings.
I believe if it’s fit for soldiers it’s fit for immigrants. The Bibby Stockholm was also used, apparently, for oil workers up in Aberdeen.
I do wonder about these people who complain about the conditions for illegal immigrants while not giving a toss about our own.

@aldebaran9255: I joined the Armed forces in 77. Accommodation was basically parallel stone huts with a communal wash area running across the back of the huts and connecting them together. We had to clean the showers, floors, ourselves to a high standard. Nightly inspections and all that. We were on average 17 years old and really keen to get on and try our best. 62 now and thinking what the flying f! %k is going on. Honestly…… What is happening.

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@bendenisereedy7865: Here I have to disagree. Most Africans don’t learn to swim and in places like Africa and the Middle East, boats are feared for good reason but only used because religious fatalism says that if Allah or God has decided you will arrive alive, then you can take the risk no matter how shonky the boat. I have had African business visitors terrified of boat trips on Windermere, terrified of wild animals in the British countryside and terrified of armed robbers on the M6. I had a Pakistani visitor screaming in terror when approached by a friendly black labrador.

So yes, I’d expect Africans to be very uncomfortable in a large boat as they don’t do swimming or water sports.

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