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Stop Breastfeeding The Baby My Husband Is Looking At You: Lady Asks Breastfeeding Mom to Cover Up Because Her Husband Is Staring 

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Nicolle Blackman, a loving mother of two, became an internet sensation after her quick thinking and smart response to an unpleasant situation while breastfeeding her baby boy at a restaurant. Her story has resonated with countless mothers, showing them that they have the power to stand up for their rights.

It all happened on a sunny day in September 2017 when Nicolle, her 11-year-old daughter, Kaymaii, and her little three-month-old son, Cameron, went to a familiar McDonald’s for a meal. As any caring mom would, Nicolle tended to Cameron when he needed to feed.

However, one person at the restaurant didn’t seem to understand that moms have a right to breastfeed their babies in public. This person kept staring at Nicolle, which made her a bit uncomfortable, but she didn’t let it stop her from caring for her baby.

Suddenly, the stranger marched over to Nicolle’s table, looking angry. She demanded that Nicolle cover up her baby boy because her husband couldn’t stop staring. But what the stranger didn’t know was that Cameron had recently had surgery, and breastfeeding was essential for him.

Nicolle felt upset and frustrated by the demand. She believed that her baby had every right to eat without anyone trying to stop him. So, instead of covering Cameron, Nicolle came up with a brilliant idea. She placed a cloth over her own face, not her baby’s, to show the person that what she was asking for was unreasonable.

The clever move surprised the stranger, and she quickly left the restaurant with her husband. Nicolle’s daughter, Kaymaii, saw the funny side of it all and took a picture of her mom with the cloth over her face while Cameron fed peacefully.


Nicolle shared the photo on her Facebook page, and it soon became a sensation. Many people from all around the world supported Nicolle and praised her for being brave and standing up for her beliefs.

After the story was picked up by a news outlet called Daily Mail, even more people showed their support for Nicolle. They said that mothers should be able to breastfeed their babies wherever and whenever they need to, without feeling embarrassed or judged.

Nicolle’s inspiring story has become a symbol of empowerment for moms everywhere. It shows that moms have the right to care for their babies, and they don’t need to hide or feel ashamed when doing something as natural and important as breastfeeding.

Thanks to Nicolle’s quick wit and the power of social media, more and more people are learning about the importance of supporting breastfeeding mothers. Nicolle’s story has sparked a positive change, reminding us all that moms are superheroes who deserve respect and understanding.

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