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You Are Cowards: Transgender Man Flare Up At Some Group Of Boys For Identifying Him as a Man Instead Of Woman (Video)

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In a trending video on Twitter, a transgender man can be seen engaging in a heated conversation with a group of boys who misidentified him as a man.

The video captures the moment when the trans man courageously confronted the boys, asking them to address him as a woman instead of a man.

At the beginning of the interaction, the boys appeared unsure of how to respond, seemingly caught off guard by the unexpected encounter.

the transgender individual persisted, calmly requesting recognition of his gender identity while recording the entire incident.

As the boys chose to walk away, the trans man voiced his frustration, calling them cowards for not acknowledging his identity.

However, moments later, the boys returned to address the issue. They clarified that their hesitation did not stem from a refusal to accept the man’s gender identity.

Instead, they emphasized the importance of not imposing such on children, as they believe it may lead to confusion and misunderstanding.

People Reacted to the video below:

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