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Get Out Of My Way: Angry Driver Pushed And Took “Just Stop Oil” Protesters Sign, Blocking the Roundabout in Gunnersbury

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People from an organization called Just Stop Oil have been fighting with drivers at Gunnersbury roundabout and in Vauxhall as they go to work.

At 8 am, about 75 supporters of Just Stop Oil split into four groups and started walking in different parts of London. In Gunnersbury, a group led by eight doctors marched on Gunnersbury Lane in Chiswick. The police arrested two Just Stop Oil supporters in Vauxhall after giving them a notice under a law called the Public Order Act (Section 12). The police stopped all the marches by 9:20 am. More marches might happen later this morning.

Around 20 protesters with signs blocked the roundabout in Gunnersbury. This made some people in cars push their way through the group. A video shows a cyclist getting angry and tearing down the signs from the protesters. They threw the signs away, and car horns were very loud in the background. The cyclist shouted at the protesters and then rode away.

As the protesters slowly walked in front of the cars, some cars went onto the sidewalks and grass to go around them. In Vauxhall, angry drivers got out of their cars and took the protesters’ signs. One man shouted at them to find a job in a mean way.

He then pushed the protesters and knocked their phones out of their hands, telling them to go away. But the protesters didn’t give up. Some of them sat on the front of the cars to stop them from moving.

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