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“Strong Argument Erupts Over Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ Expansion, Seen as Unfair and Against Democracy”

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In a landmark decision, the High Court ruled in favor of Mayor City Khan’s plans to proceed with the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Euless) in London from August 29th. To shed light on the matter, Andrew Pendleton, the Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Strategy and Advocacy at Global Action Plan, and Alan Miller, an anti-Euless campaigner, joined a discussion.

Alan Miller voiced his concerns about the decision, stating that giving judges the power to decide political matters is problematic. He argued that the decision to expand Euless was based on specific legal questions, not on the majority’s wishes, as a large part of the public had expressed opposition during the consultation process. Miller criticized Mayor Khan for proceeding with the expansion, disregarding the public’s concerns and the lack of compliance among vehicles outside London.

On the other hand, Andrew Pendleton defended the Mayor’s decision, emphasizing the dire health effects of air pollution in the city. He cited data from Imperial College, claiming that 4,000 people die prematurely each year due to air pollution. Pendleton argued that the expansion of Euless has been successful in reducing air pollution in inner London and encouraging the use of public transport and cycling.

The discussion also touched on the impact of non-compliant vehicles on people who rely on them for work. Pendleton urged viewers to check the Transport for London website to see if their vehicles are compliant. He stated that the aim is to protect public health, particularly for children, who are more susceptible to the effects of air pollution.

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Miller disputed the reliability of the figures presented by Pendleton and accused Mayor Khan of using the expansion to raise funds rather than focusing on addressing the cost of living crisis and improving incomes. He urged viewers to voice their opposition democratically and challenge the decision through their MPs and counselors.

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