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Nigel Farage on the migrant crisis: “Nothing the Government has done will stop tens of thousands coming.”

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Renowned TV news presenter Nigel Farage has voiced his concerns regarding the government’s approach to tackling the issue of illegal boat crossings in the English Channel. Farage highlighted several key points during his recent statement.

Firstly, Farage criticized Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s previous claims about the success of the plan to prevent small boats from crossing the Channel. He questioned the government’s awareness of the long-term weather forecast, which indicated favorable conditions for such crossings.

Furthermore, Farage emphasized the unusual weather patterns in the English Channel, with three and a half weeks of consistent northeasterly winds. He stated that this kind of weather is atypical for this time of year.

Highlighting the record-breaking number of crossings, Farage revealed that over 500 boats crossed the Channel in a single day. He expressed concern that the numbers could continue to rise due to the current ideal weather conditions.

Farage criticized the government’s lack of effective deterrents, noting that despite efforts such as acquiring new barges, there is no significant discouragement for illegal migrants. He predicted that tens of thousands of people are expected to make the dangerous journey this year.

Addressing the issue of blame, Farage cautioned against solely pointing fingers at the French authorities. He explained that the boats now launch from a 70-mile stretch of coastline with hiding spots in sand dunes, making it challenging to assign responsibility solely to one party.

In conclusion, Farage stressed the need for deportation measures and a policy that denies illegal arrivals the ability to stay. He called for more decisive action from the government to tackle the ongoing influx of migrants.

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