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This Can’t Be My Child: Man Left His Wife After She Gave Birth to a Black Baby. 3 Years Later, The Secret Was Revealed

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When this man saw that his wife had given birth to a black child, he immediately left as if she had been unfaithful to him. Three years later, though, DNA revealed the unimaginable. Andrew and Sarah had a relatively normal life. They had first met one another at a Christmas party that their workplace had decided to throw for their employees. They had quickly hit it off, and after dating for a few months, they decided to get married as they both loved one another greatly.

For the first few years of married life, Andrew and Sarah were happy and content with one another and how their life had turned out. While they had their problems, like many married couples did, they made sure to talk things through with one another so that they could sort their problems out properly instead of screaming and yelling at each other over little and sometimes ridiculous grievances.

For Andrew, this was incredibly important. He had grown up in a very unhappy family, with his parents often getting into loud yelling matches with each other over the smallest of things. Andrew knew that his parents didn’t have the best relationship and that, in the end, it was for the best when his mother decided to split from his dad. While it wasn’t what the boy had wanted at the time, Andrew could understand that there were simply too many trust issues between his parents and too little talking for things to work out between them.

Luckily, during the times when his parents were arguing, Andrew’s brothers would make sure to distract him by either taking him out of the house and to the park or by playing games with him in his room. It was because of his brothers that Andrew knew that he wanted a fairly large family with at least four children, as he wanted his own kids to have siblings to look out for them.

Thankfully, Sarah also wanted a large family, as she had grown up as an only child. Because of this, she had often felt lonely as a young child. Her parents had always been incredibly busy with their work, and whenever they returned home from their jobs, they would be too tired to play with her. This left Sarah feeling very alone and wishing that she could at least have one brother or sister for her to play and talk with. It was also because of this that Sarah knew that she didn’t want any of her own children to feel this way, and she wanted at least two or three children so that they would be able to rely on each other when they needed or wanted to.

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With both Andrew and Sarah happy with the idea of a large family, the couple finally decided that they were ready to try for a baby. Andrew had recently been promoted, so money wouldn’t be a problem for the couple. When they had their first baby, it didn’t take long for Sarah to become pregnant, and the couple were ecstatic when they discovered the news. They were both excited to introduce a little one to their family, as it was something that they had both been wanting for a long time.

Thankfully, it was an easy pregnancy for Sarah, and nine months later, she and Andrew were introduced to their daughter, whom they named Abigail. The couple couldn’t have been happier with their little bundle of joy. Abigail was everything they had dreamed of and more. She was a little ray of sunshine to both Andrew and Sarah.

After roughly six months, Sarah decided that she was ready to become pregnant with her second child. She wanted all of her children to be relatively close in age so that they could become friends and spend their time together playing and enjoying each other’s company. At first, Andrew wasn’t as certain, as he wanted to make sure that Sarah was properly recovered from giving birth to Abigail while also making sure that they were giving their daughter enough attention and love.

However, after a long discussion, the couple agreed that it would be nice for Abigail to have a sibling to play with who wasn’t too far in age. Considering it would take nine more months for a second baby to arrive, Abigail would already be almost a year and a half older than her sibling.

With the decision made, it wasn’t long before Zach, Sarah and Andrew’s son, was born. The couple was thrilled to have a son. Now they had both a son and a daughter to dote on. Once again, after roughly a year, Sarah told Andrew that she was ready for a third child. They had a wonderful little family, and their lives had been going great. All Sarah thought was that they were missing one last member of their family.

Andrew wasn’t as keen to have another child. While he had thought that he wanted four, he felt content with just his son and daughter. Seeing that her husband wasn’t as sold on the idea as she was, Sarah decided not to push the issue. She didn’t want Andrew to think that she wasn’t grateful for the family they had.

However, one morning, a couple of months later, Sarah awoke feeling quite sick. She rushed to the bathroom where she threw up. But it was at that moment that she knew she was pregnant again. She had only ever thrown up in the morning like that when she had been pregnant with Abigail and Zach. Hesitantly, Sarah told Andrew what she thought, and after a pregnancy test, it was confirmed that she was once again pregnant.

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At first, Andrew was quite distant with his wife because he hadn’t wanted another child. However, Sarah reassured him that he would love their new baby as much as he did their other children. And sure enough, as the months went by, Andrew found himself becoming excited about what his new child would look like and whether it would be a boy or a girl.

Finally, the time arrived for Sarah to give birth, but no one could have expected what would happen next. Once the baby was safely in Sarah’s arms, Andrew’s face drew into a furious frown, and the man stormed out of the hospital shouting the entire time. He couldn’t believe that his wife had cheated on him just to have a third child.

Sarah couldn’t believe it herself. She had never been with anyone but Andrew, so she knew the baby was his. So how come the child was black? Sarah tried to reassure her husband that his new son was his, but Andrew refused to listen. He insisted that Sarah must have cheated on him. He then told her that he wanted a divorce because he was not willing to be with someone who would cheat on him.

Sarah couldn’t believe it. Andrew wasn’t even giving her a chance to explain or try to figure out what was going on. She even offered for their son, whom she had named Thomas, to do a DNA test so that Andrew could see that he was his. But Andrew refused, adamant that the child wasn’t his. Andrew left the house, telling Sarah that he wanted nothing to do with her. He wanted to continue seeing Abigail and Zach because he loved his two children, but he refused to have anything to do with the third child.

Sarah was distraught at her husband’s behavior, but she would do what she had to in order to provide for her three children. She would also make sure to love them all equally. Three years passed by, and true to his word, Andrew had nothing to do with Sarah or Thomas. However, he started to develop some health issues that he worried could be passed on to his children.

With this in mind, the doctors suggested that all of his children be tested to make sure they weren’t carrying the same genes for the diseases. Sarah thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to prove to Andrew that Thomas was actually his son.

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The doctors conducted the DNA test, and the result shocked Andrew. Thomas was indeed his biological son. Confused about how this could happen, Andrew decided to confront his parents. After a difficult conversation, Andrew was left shocked. They revealed to him that he had actually been adopted, and his real parents had been of mixed race. His mother had been black, while his father had been white. Andrew just hadn’t inherited his mother’s skin color. The gene had obviously skipped his first two children, but his third had inherited the darker skin color.

After hearing this revelation, Andrew began to feel overwhelming guilt and remorse. He couldn’t believe that he had rejected the chance to know his son or believe his wife simply because of his own distrust and stubbornness. He desperately wanted to make amends and ask Sarah for another chance.

Andrew approached Sarah, filled with remorse and regret, and asked her to give him another opportunity to be a part of their lives. However, Sarah hesitated. She had been deeply hurt by Andrew’s lack of trust and his quick accusations. She had spent three years raising their children alone, and it had been a challenging journey.

While Andrew was eager to rebuild their relationship and prove himself as a father, Sarah found it difficult to trust him again. She couldn’t ignore the pain and heartache caused by his actions. However, she recognized that Thomas deserved to have a relationship with his father. Taking into consideration the well-being of their children, Sarah agreed to allow Andrew to establish a connection with Thomas.

Andrew was grateful for the chance to make amends and began to spend time with Thomas, making up for the lost years. He was determined to be the father that Thomas deserved and worked hard to rebuild their bond. Sarah observed Andrew’s sincere efforts and saw the positive impact it had on Thomas.

As time passed, Sarah and Andrew managed to rebuild their relationship to the point where they could communicate as friends. Although they didn’t reconcile as a couple, they prioritized the well-being of their children and maintained a respectful co-parenting dynamic.

Abigail, Zach, and Thomas grew up surrounded by the love and support of both parents, despite the initial challenges they faced. Sarah ensured that all her children received equal love and attention, fostering a close sibling bond among them.

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