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Poor Man Married a Beautiful Woman, Days Later He Arrives Home Without Notice And Cries When He Sees

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A poor man married a beautiful woman. Days later, he arrived home without notice and cried when he saw her. It’s a life story of a woman who works night shifts at a gas station. There, she notices a homeless man who helps her sort the trash. One day, she gives him tea, but the man disappears the next day. There were no customers inside the station, and the woman was in her small room sheltering from the cold and waiting for a vehicle to come to the station to refuel.

As she looked through the window panes, she noticed a homeless man wandering inside the station. He went towards the garbage can in front of the store’s door and started looking through it. Svetlana, the woman, did not want to expel him since there were surveillance cameras spread all over the station. It’s certain that the station superintendent saw this vagabond and is responsible for his expulsion.

The homeless man looked through the trash for about an hour, and no one approached him to drive him away. Most likely, the camera observer was not aware of what was happening; he was probably asleep. Svetlana was happy for the hobo; he was calm and didn’t do anything wrong. He even returned things that fell to the ground to the trash can. He was a quiet guy just looking for food, not bothering anyone.

The young woman was also living in very difficult conditions, and she understood what a man who could not find food would feel. When she looked closely at him, she found that he was a young man in his thirties, apparently not looking like the beggars or other homeless people she used to see on the street. He was a handsome young man, but his clothes were worn, and his hair covered his face.

Svetlana watched the young man and then went out to the garbage and threw some food there deliberately. She did so because she did not find a way to communicate with the homeless man due to fear of the supervisor reprimanding her for having contact with a homeless man at that late hour. The hobo immediately went to the bag, opened it, and finally found something edible. He sat on the floor and began to eat greedily.

Svetlana returned to her place and sat watching the man from the window of the observation room. She was so glad she helped that bum. The young woman had two children in her rented apartment in the city. Her salary was barely enough to pay for rent and care for her children. But she noticed that the homeless man was worse off than she was and deserved at least that simple meal she offered him.

The next day, the man returned to the same place and began to look at the garbage in front of the store’s door. When he failed to find anything to eat, he remained sitting on the floor. Meanwhile, the superintendent of the station came and asked Svetlana to go and take the garbage bags that were placed inside the drums to put them in the large garbage trailer.

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Svetlana went and took out those bags, struggling with their weight. Meanwhile, the vagabond got up and asked the young woman to give him those bags to carry away, which surprised her. The man was strong and did not find any difficulty in carrying the bags and placing them inside the trailer. Then he returned to his place, completely calm. Even when Svetlana thanked him for his help, he did not speak to her.

The young woman kept wondering why this strong, handsome young man was begging in the street. She kept looking at him, shivering with cold, and looking hungry. The young woman thought of a way to offer him food. She approached him and invited him to come with her to drink a cup of tea together. The young man got up and followed Svetlana to the cafe inside the store, where they sat at a table near the window overlooking the fuel supply machine. She brought two cups of tea and cookies for the homeless man.

The man immediately began to eat greedily, and when he finished eating everything on the table, he looked at the young woman sitting next to him and thanked her for the food. The young woman remained hesitant to ask the man about his condition and how he had become homeless. Then she decided to start and told him that she had been working at that station for about a month. She had been waiting for her first salary to buy gifts for her two daughters who had been waiting for her at home.

She told him that she was married to a man whom she thought loved her, but she discovered that he was betraying her. So she separated from him and moved to live alone in an apartment with her daughters. The man, called Benjamin, was looking at the young woman while remaining silent, which made her very scared. She thought that she was not in the right place for her and asked the man to leave because she was busy.

Suddenly, the man spoke. He said that his parents thought he would become a famous actor and fulfill his childhood dream. But things didn’t work out as planned, and an accident occurred that completely changed his life and wiped out all his dreams. Meanwhile, the young woman sat on the chair and began to listen attentively to the man, checking from time to time if there were any customers at the station.

The homeless man, Benjamin, apologized for what had happened. The young woman smiled and took out coins from her pocket, giving them to him. She told him that those coins were all she had in her pocket that day and asked him to buy a warm hat to protect him from the cold. She also asked him to come back with her the next day when the station’s supervisor was absent.

When she returned home, she collected all the clothes her husband had left in his closet before he left, put them in a large bag, and then put perfume on them. She was very happy when she found a warm hat and a scarf because she knew they would be very useful for Benjamin. The young woman waited for the baker to come to the store inside the station, as he usually did, to give him the items. But the man did not come that day.

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Benjamin’s absence continued for the second and third days, and Svetlana was very disappointed. She thought that she had made the young man feel pathetic, so he didn’t come back to that place. Benjamin’s absence lasted for two weeks. At that point, the young woman began to regret that she had not asked him where he was staying. She asked all the station workers about him and requested them to tell her if they saw him or heard any news about him. She started buying newspapers every day, hoping to find an advertisement about him, but all her attempts were unsuccessful.

One day, while Svetlana was filling up the tank of a truck with fuel, the truck driver asked her why she was sad. She told him that she had brought a bag of clothes for a homeless man who used to frequent the station, but he suddenly disappeared and didn’t show up.

The man told her that he knew a place where homeless people sleep, but he didn’t know if Benjamin was there and said he would take Svetlana to the bridge under which these homeless people sleep. When they arrived, Svetlana got off the truck and started searching. Fortunately, she found Benjamin sleeping with several other homeless people. She approached him, holding the bag of clothes in her hand, and called him by his name.

Benjamin looked at her, almost unconscious due to his sickness and the difficult circumstances he had been facing. Svetlana immediately went to the truck driver and offered to take Benjamin to the hospital, as he was sick and in need of help. The truck driver agreed without hesitation, ready to assist Svetlana in any way she needed. They carried the homeless young man, put him in the truck, and took him to the nearest hospital.

After a thorough examination, the doctors discovered that Benjamin suffered from various health problems caused by the severe cold he had endured on the streets. He had liver problems, respiratory issues, and severe joint pain. His treatment required a significant sum of money. Svetlana, determined to help him, returned to her apartment and brought the money she had saved to buy an electric washing machine. She used that money to cover the cost of Benjamin’s treatment and purchase the necessary medications.

Svetlana had no regrets about what she had done. She wanted to lift Benjamin out of the calamity he had been trapped in. As for washing clothes, she had always washed them by hand since she was young and was willing to continue doing so for many more years if necessary.

She left a bag of clothes in the room where Benjamin was staying and also left her phone number with the doctors at the hospital, asking them to call her if he needed anything. Then she returned to work the next day.

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A well-dressed man approached Svetlana’s office and greeted her. When she looked at him, she immediately recognized him as Benjamin, wearing her husband’s clothes. The young woman was overjoyed to see him. He no longer had the disheveled and desperate look he had when he lived on the street.

As Benjamin was about to leave, Svetlana called him by his name and asked him where he was going. The man couldn’t find the words to respond and remained silent. Sensing his hesitation, Svetlana offered him a place to live with her and take care of her children. She assured him that he wouldn’t have to pay rent, and there was an empty bed in a small room. She told him his presence wouldn’t disturb her.

Benjamin hesitated for a moment but then accepted Svetlana’s offer. She waited for him to return home and accompanied him back to her apartment. When they arrived, she introduced him to her children, took him to his room, and showed him his bed. She let him know that the closet in the room was at his disposal. The man was genuinely grateful and thanked Svetlana for everything she had done. He promised her that he would live up to her expectations and, as soon as he found a job, he would find another place to live.

Svetlana’s apartment was small and the rooms were cramped, but that didn’t deter her from welcoming Benjamin into her home. Benjamin, 41, quickly adapted to living with young children and started playing with them. He used his expertise as a financial accountant to help them with their studies. Svetlana saw him as the right father figure for her children, and she dreamed of marrying him one day.

One day, Svetlana’s neighbor, who had heard about Benjamin’s situation, approached her. She mentioned that the company she used to work for was looking for an employee with Benjamin’s qualifications. Svetlana was thrilled with the news. She bought a beautiful suit for Benjamin and accompanied him to the company the next day, where he met the company president to test his efficiency. The president was impressed by Benjamin’s experience and offered him a job, which he could start soon.

Svetlana was overjoyed when Benjamin told her that he had secured the job. She hugged him tightly, filled with happiness. With his first salary, Benjamin bought a ring and asked Svetlana to marry him. They got married and moved to a spacious apartment, living happily together.

Despite the challenges they faced, Svetlana’s love and support helped Benjamin rebuild his life. They remained grateful for each other and for the kindness they had shown. They understood the value of compassion and the power of second chances.

And so, the story of Svetlana and Benjamin serves as a reminder that even in the darkest moments, a helping hand and a compassionate heart can bring light and hope back into someone’s life.

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1 Comment

  1. Patricia Johnson

    July 9, 2023 at 5:35 am

    Beautiful story shows that caring and showing compassion for others is what we should do May God bless them all

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