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Show Is Over: Bournville Village Festival shut Down After Group Of People Caused Trouble at The Event

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The Bournville Village Festival had to shut down its activities earlier than planned last night because some people caused trouble at the event. The organizers said that the behavior of a small group of individuals put the safety of festival-goers at serious risk. They apologized for the inconvenience but felt it was necessary to clear the festival grounds to ensure people’s well-being. Several people who shared their experiences online mentioned that they witnessed fights breaking out, which was very disappointing.

One person wrote, “It’s really sad that a few troublemakers can spoil the whole day with their terrible behavior, forcing the event to end early.” Unfortunately, this meant that the much-anticipated firework display, which was supposed to be the grand finale of the festival, had to be canceled. We have contacted West Midlands Police to hear their perspective on the matter.

A statement from the Bournville Village Festival expressed their reluctance in having to cut short the event. They explained that they were responsible for the safety of all attendees, which is why they had no other choice but to clear the festival grounds. They shared their frustration and sadness that such a wonderful festival had to end without the planned fireworks. The organizers deeply apologized to those who felt let down, assuring them that the decision was made solely to prioritize safety.

This isn’t the first time the festival has faced early closure due to concerns about groups of teenagers causing trouble at the venue. Back in June 2017, a similar incident occurred, resulting in a shortened program for that particular event.

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