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Meghan Markle thinks she’s the new Diana: Gbnews Presenter Mark Dolan Slammed Meghan

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Mark Dolan responds to reports that Harry and Meghan are thinking of giving up their Sussex titles and using Princess Diana’s last name, Spencer.

“It’s not surprising that Meghan Markle is thinking about changing her name, because she believes she’s the new Diana,” says Mark Dolan in reaction to the news. He shares his thoughts on Harry and Meghan’s reported plan to let go of their Sussex titles and take on the surname Spencer, which belonged to Princess Diana.

Mark Dolan points out that Meghan wanting to associate herself with Diana isn’t unexpected, as she has previously portrayed herself as a successor to the late Princess. He suggests that Meghan sees herself as having similar qualities to Diana, like being caring and genuine. However, Dolan believes that Diana truly possessed these qualities, while he criticizes Meghan for being manipulative and driven by personal gain.

Dolan further discusses the irony of Meghan wanting to use Diana’s last name to shape her own image, while highlighting the differences between the two women. He questions whether Diana would have treated her father the way Meghan reportedly did and whether she would have shown the same negative behavior towards the royal family. Dolan states that Diana was honest and sincere, unlike his perception of Meghan as someone who is self-centered and self-pitying.

Regarding the controversy surrounding their daughter’s name, Lillibet, Dolan believes it was given without the Queen’s or Prince Philip’s approval. He describes it as a calculated move by Harry and Meghan. Dolan also comments on their continued use of the titles Duke and Duchess of Sussex, despite their apparent dislike for the monarchy.

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In conclusion, Dolan humorously suggests that if Harry and Meghan are serious about rebranding, he could offer alternative names, although he acknowledges that these suggestions might not be suitable for a family-friendly show.

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