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Police Stop Bournville Village Festival As Teenagers Seen With Weapons

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The police are looking into a disturbance that occurred at the Bournville Village Festival. During the event, two individuals were seen carrying weapons, and a teenager got hurt. The festival organizers were sorry for having to end the event prematurely. They had to make a tough choice because a small group of people were behaving badly, putting the safety of everyone attending the festival in serious danger.

The police were informed that a teenager was attacked during the chaos. To address the troublemakers, a large group of people suspected to be responsible were forced to leave the festival grounds. The security team in charge of the event decided it was best to evacuate the area and close down the festival earlier than planned. At the moment, no arrests have been made.

A spokesperson for the police explained that they received a call from the festival’s security staff reporting that two individuals were seen with weapons. Officers went to the scene and walked around the event together with the security team. They also mentioned that a teenager reported being assaulted as a result of the disorder.

An investigation is currently underway to look into the assault, and the police are continuing to gather information. If anyone has any details, they are encouraged to contact the police by calling 101 or using the Live Chat feature on their website. When getting in touch, they should reference the case number 20/551938/23.

The Bournville Village Festival released a statement expressing their disappointment at having to end the festival early. They emphasized that it was a difficult decision but necessary for the safety of the festival attendees. They acknowledged that the actions of a small number of people put others at risk and caused the unfortunate conclusion of the event.

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