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My Experience Exploring the wreck of the Titanic Was Horrible, No One Should Be Allowed To Ever Embark On That Trip Again: Dr. Michael G (Video)

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In a special interview, Dr. Michael G., a scientist who used to report for ABC News, shared his remarkable experience exploring the wreck of the Titanic in 2000. Dr. Michael, joining from Dallas, Texas, spoke about the challenges he faced during the dive and expressed sympathy for the recent tragic events involving the Titan submarine.

Dr. Michael described how he went deep down to the bottom of the ocean and encountered difficulties when his sub collided with the Titanic’s propeller due to a strong underwater current. Debris fell on them, and they got trapped for some time. Their pilot, a former Mig pilot, tried hard to free them, and after a while, they were saved.

He emphasized the need to respect the Titanic wreck and urged a pause on submarine tours. Dr. Michael pointed out that the sub he was on was meant for scientific purposes, while the Titan seemed more focused on tourism. He stressed the seriousness of such trips, as the ocean is unforgiving and the wreck is a solemn place where people lost their lives.

When asked about communication during such situations, Dr. Michael mentioned that he didn’t have a cell phone due to the ocean’s limitations. However, he suggested that the people on the Titan might have had cell phones and their final messages could be discovered if the ship is recovered.

Towards the end of the interview, Dr. Michael became emotional, reflecting on the irony that the Titanic, known for its tragic sinking, continues to claim lives even today. He expressed his sympathy for the passengers on the Titan and hoped they found some peace.

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Dr. Michael’s story reminds us of the risks involved in deep-sea exploration. It calls for caution and respect for nature’s power and the resting place of those who perished on the Titanic.

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