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Time is running out: Missing People in Titanic Tourist Submarine, has 30hours Remaining to run Out Oxygen

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A search is underway for a tourist submarine that has gone missing and is believed to be the famous Titanic. Officials have reported hearing loud banging sounds during the search, giving them hope that survivors may still be inside the submarine.

The situation is critical as the five people on board have limited time left before their air supply runs out. They only have until Thursday morning to survive, which means there are approximately 30 hours left to find them.

Authorities are using all available resources to locate the missing submarine and rescue its passengers. They are working together with international teams and using advanced technology to expedite the search.

The public is closely following this rescue operation, as it brings back memories of the tragic Titanic sinking many years ago. Everyone is hoping for a positive outcome and the safe return of the people trapped inside the submarine.

The incident has sparked a flurry of reactions on Twitter, with users expressing their concerns and sharing their thoughts about the missing Titanic tourist submarine. The news has captured the attention of people worldwide, and they are actively engaging in discussions about the ongoing search and the potential fate of the passengers.

twitter user named, Cheo Grady took to the social media platform to criticize the CEO of OceanGate, a prominent player in the submersible craft industry. Grady accused the CEO of disregarding the advice and warnings of experts, dismissing their concerns as he pursued what some are calling a risky innovation venture merely aimed at maximizing profits.

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The controversy began when Cheo Grady tweeted, “So people with more combined knowledge and expertise in the submersible craft industry told the CEO of OceanGate that his tin can was a catastrophe waiting to happen. He ignored them all in the name of industry innovation, read code name for profits.”

Another twitter user named Aundrea shared her disbelief about OceanGate’s latest project. In a tweet, she mentioned, “You could convince me to do many things, but using an Xbox 360 controller to operate a submarine isn’t one of them. What do you mean, Frank?”

OceanGate, a well-known company in underwater exploration, has sparked curiosity and doubt with their unconventional choice of using an Xbox 360 controller to control their submarine. This unexpected decision has raised concerns and triggered discussions about the safety and reliability of such a setup.

Aundrea’s tweet resonated with others who share her worries about using a gaming controller to maneuver a submarine. The phrase “What do you mean, Frank?” reflects the confusion and surprise surrounding this choice.

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