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I Now Identify As a Cat , You Be In Deep Trouble If You Tell Me I’m Not a Cat- June Slater

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Jean Slater, a fictional character from a popular soap opera on BBC, has shared a surprising revelation on her Twitter page. According to her recent post, Jean now identifies as a cat and plans to learn how to behave like one. Jean insists that accepting her as a cat is important, as it’s her personal choice and she should be free to be who she wants to be.

Jean’s unexpected announcement has caught the attention of fans and sparked a lot of discussion. Some people support Jean’s decision, applauding her for embracing her true self and advocating for personal expression.

Others are unsure about the line between fiction and reality.

The reasons behind Jean’s decision to identify as a cat are not clear at the moment. However, it is evident that she is committed to fully immersing herself in this new identity.

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