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Goodbye Pride , Laurence Fox Says While Burning LGBTQ+ Flag in his backyard (Full Video)

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Yesterday, Laurence Fox, a former actor turned political activist, carried out a surprising act during Pride Month by burning LGBTQ+ bunting in his backyard. The incident took place as he prepares to run for Boris Johnson’s Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency.

Fox used a lighter to set the display on fire on Father’s Day, while wearing a T-shirt featuring a rainbow above the phrase ‘Comes Before A Fall.’ This choice of attire hinted at the message he intended to convey, suggesting that ‘Pride Comes Before A Fall.’

In a controversial statement, Fox expressed his disapproval of what he referred to as the “most holy month of child mutilation.” He expressed his disdain for the LGBTQ+ flag, referring to it as “disgusting, vile, child sacrificial flag.”

He bid farewell to Pride, which he claimed is not truly about pride but rather a celebration of the mutilation of children, and suggested it should be discarded.

Following the circulation of the video on Twitter, there was a significant outcry. In response, Fox argued that the flag he burned, known as the Progress Pride flag created in 2018, is not related to the original Pride flag that symbolized the hard-fought rights of the gay and lesbian community—a cause that he stated everyone should support.

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