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” My Pregnant Girlfriend Contacts My Dad whom I Haven’t Spoken to in 3 Years Against My Denial”

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I stopped communicating with my family three years ago in an attempt to regain control over my life. My upbringing was quite interesting. I come from a wealthy family, but my father’s behavior was extremely difficult to deal with. Until I turned 23, his controlling nature made me feel suffocated. So, I made the decision to cut him off completely, and since then, I haven’t uttered a single word to him.

I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for six years. After getting laid off, I found a new job, but the pay is not great. I’ve been actively searching for a job that aligns with my degree.

We were even considering relocating, and I had a job interview in Philadelphia. It was a promising opportunity, although I doubted my chances due to my limited experience. Surprisingly, I got the job! I planned to share the news with my girlfriend later that day.

She has been urging me to talk to my dad about a job offer or getting a “loan” until I find a better job. I have repeatedly declined her suggestion. Additionally, she wanted me to gain access to my trust fund, but I have no interest in doing so.

To access the funds, I would have to speak to my dad, which I am vehemently against. It’s hard to explain, but involving my dad in anything makes me feel insignificant and is an incredibly unpleasant experience.

As it turns out, my girlfriend reached out to him. I noticed a missed call and a text message from my dad when I woke up. The message said, “So I have to hear from your girlfriend that you’re having a child? How nice.

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My doors are still open, but you’re the one who closed them.” Confused, I asked my girlfriend what he was talking about, and she admitted to briefly speaking with him. She had obtained his number from one of his business cards and updated him on my life.

I had made it clear to her that I didn’t want to speak to him, so her actions were completely out of line. I let her know how upset I was, and I also informed her about the job at that moment. Since then, she has been trying to make it up to me.

I am genuinely angry about what happened. While I understand the situation I was in, her actions were unacceptable. She might not fully comprehend it, but she had no right to go behind my back like that. I’m unsure about the best way to handle this situation.

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