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Trump is not above the rule of law, and deserves no pardon- Ed Krassenstein

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Ed Krassenstein, a twitter journalist, has weighed in on the ongoing controversy surrounding the indictments faced by former President Donald Trump. Reacting to Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s call for other candidates to sign a letter agreeing to pardon Trump for his current legal troubles, Krassenstein expressed his confusion.

“Why not allow the court of law to decide if he’s innocent or guilty?” Krassenstein questioned. He further criticized the use of a political office to undermine the possibility of a fair trial. While some Republicans argue that the indictment is politically motivated, Krassenstein pointed out that the courts themselves are not partisan entities.

Krassenstein went on to assert that granting a pardon to a former president by a current Republican president would indeed be a partisan action. He believed that it is essential for Trump to face a fair trial presided over by a judge nominated by him and a jury selected from a district that displayed a near-even split in the previous Presidential election.

In Krassenstein’s view, Donald Trump is not exempt from the rule of law and should not be granted a pardon. He firmly believes that Trump’s fate should be determined by the courts, and he should receive whatever verdict they deem appropriate.

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