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“He’s His Own Worst ENEMY!” – US Journalist On Mo Kelly Criticize Donald Trump on Live Tv (Video)

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US journalist Mo Kelly discusses the charges against former President Donald Trump and provides insights on the case. According to Mo Kelly, this is a very different situation for Trump compared to his previous legal battles. The charges he is facing now are related to mishandling classified documents, including sensitive national security information. Mo Kelly emphasizes that these charges are serious, and even staunch Trump supporters may start to worry due to the gravity of the allegations.

Mo Kelly points out that the evidence presented in the indictment originates from individuals within Trump’s inner circle, including his former lawyers and associates. This indicates that the evidence is not unearthed solely by the FBI but comes from Trump’s own circle. Mo Kelly suggests that this factor makes the charges against Trump more substantial and harder to dismiss as politically motivated.

Additionally, Mo Kelly mentions that Trump’s previous strategy of dismissing charges as a “witch hunt” may not be as effective in this case. The mishandling of classified documents is a different matter altogether, which even Trump’s supporters would have criticized if it were committed by an opponent. Mo Kelly refers to Trump’s own statements, including a tape where he admitted knowing that the documents were classified despite his claim of having declassified them.

Mo Kelly further highlights the significance of Trump’s lack of legal representation, as his top two attorneys recently resigned. This may cause delays in the arraignment hearing, as competent counsel is required to represent him adequately.

Finally, Mo Kelly mentions that while Trump may try to make political and publicity arguments, it won’t be enough to sway the legal proceedings. The evidence against him appears to be extensive and solid, and the charges he faces are substantial. This situation poses a significant threat to Trump, regardless of his attempts to rally his base or raise funds through private dinners.

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