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Boy Sentence to 4 years Imprisonment After Following Lonely Women in Birmingham Spray Fake Semen in Their Button

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A boy who committed multiple s*xual attacks targeted and assaulted twelve women in Birmingham. The boy would choose women who were alone and then squirted liquid resembling semen onto their buttocks during the daytime in public places. The police said these were planned and intentional acts.

The boy responsible for these crimes is named Willbert Mukori.

He specifically targeted women who appeared young and were wearing gym clothes or jogging pants. He used a bottle filled with a substance that looked like semen, sometimes even using his own semen. Over a period of six years, he admitted to carrying out these assaults sixteen times.

As a result, Mukori has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison. The judge described him as a predatory sex offender and ordered him to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Additionally, he will be closely supervised for four years after his release from prison, and there are restrictions in place to prevent further harm.

The court learned that some of the victims, including students, were so frightened by the assaults that they felt compelled to leave Birmingham. Mukori’s DNA was identified in connection with his first crime in 2016, which occurred in Derbyshire, where he used his own sperm. In subsequent years, he created a fake substance resembling semen and targeted women in Birmingham.

The person prosecuting the case described Mukori’s actions as a disturbing sexual perversion. On the other hand, Mukori’s defense lawyer acknowledged that he needs help and expressed confusion about his behavior. The lawyer mentioned that Mukori is a young man with a mostly clean record, except for a previous conviction related to not paying for train fare. Mukori pleaded guilty to the charges.

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The judge emphasized the impact of these crimes on the victims. Many experienced fear, anxiety, and changes in their relationships. Some even had to seek therapy and made changes to their daily lives because they were scared of being stalked. One victim even mentioned failing part of her university course because she was too afraid to attend classes. Another victim felt it necessary to move away from Birmingham because she no longer felt safe there.

The judge condemned Mukori as a predatory sexual offender who deliberately targeted vulnerable women. He recognized the efforts of the West Midlands Police in investigating the case and urged any additional victims to come forward using a public reporting portal.

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