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Man Scammed People Over £100M Using a Fake Subscription Website

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A man responsible for orchestrating a fraudulent subscription website, utilized by criminals to deceive unsuspecting individuals out of over £100 million, has been sentenced to more than 13 years in prison. Tejay Fletcher, aged 35, served as the founder and primary administrator of the platform, enabling scammers to conceal their phone numbers.

Following the accumulation of approximately £2 million from this illicit service, Fletcher indulged in extravagant purchases including a Lamborghini valued at £230,000, two Range Rovers worth £110,000, and an £11,000 Rolex. The site was dismantled last year in what might be considered the largest fraud operation in the United Kingdom, with over 200,000 victims targeted in the UK and beyond.

During the trial at Southwark Crown Court, it was revealed that the victims suffered a collective loss of at least £100 million globally, with a minimum of £43 million attributed to individuals in the UK.

The website generated approximately £3.2 million in cryptocurrency Bitcoin, with the majority—around £2 million—being retained by Fletcher himself, according to prosecutor John Ojakovoh. Last month, Fletcher, residing in Western Gateway, London, pleaded guilty to four charges, including the creation or supply of articles for use in fraudulent activities, encouraging or facilitating the commission of an offense, possession of illicit funds, and the transfer of criminal proceeds. On Friday, Judge Sally Cahill KC handed down a sentence of 13 years and four months, emphasizing the distressing impact the crimes had on the victims.

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