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“You’re a tall bigger, aren’t you?” Cheeky Patient Tease Prince William During Cancer Hospital Visit

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Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, paid a special visit to The Royal Marsden’s new Oak Cancer Centre, where he met with patients and staff. During his visit, an unexpected and light-hearted moment unfolded when one of the patients, known for their playful nature, made a cheeky comment to the Duke.

As Prince William was being introduced to the patients, one patient, in a jovial and daring manner, remarked, “You’re a tall b*gger, aren’t you?” The remark took the Duke by surprise, but he quickly responded with a touch of humor, saying, “Well, you caught me. I’m actually wearing high heels today.”

The patient’s playful comment and Prince William’s witty response brought laughter to the room, creating a joyful atmosphere amidst the seriousness of the occasion. The interaction showcased the Duke’s ability to connect with people on a personal level and uplift their spirits, even in challenging circumstances.

Prince William’s visit to The Royal Marsden’s Oak Cancer Centre was intended to provide support and encouragement to the patients undergoing cancer treatment. By engaging in a light-hearted exchange, he demonstrated his genuine concern for their well-being and his commitment to bringing moments of happiness into their lives.

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