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Where Is Their Parents?: Video Of three young children, playing on a road in the middle of the night

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This is a really shocking video that shows something very concerning. It captures the moment when three young children, who look like they go to primary school, were playing on a road in the middle of the night. It was 2:25 am, which is a time when most children are fast asleep in their beds.

In the footage, you can see these kids lying down and messing around right in the middle of a busy road called Cotterills Lane. It’s a scary sight because cars and other vehicles are zooming by, and it’s incredibly dangerous for anyone to be there. But these children seem oblivious to the danger they’re putting themselves in.

They sit on the pavement, taking selfies and laughing, completely unaware of the potential harm that could come their way. Then, two of them decide to venture further into the road, leaving one behind on the sidewalk. It’s hard to tell, but one of the children seems to be a girl. She starts dancing, while the other briefly crouches down before joining her.

Suddenly, the kids spot the lights of a car coming their way. They panic and quickly run back to the safety of the sidewalk, hiding behind parked cars. It’s clear that they know they shouldn’t be there, but they don’t fully understand the risks they’re taking.

But it doesn’t end there. The three children start running again, this time towards another road called Belchers Lane. As they dash across the middle of the road, an ambulance can be seen driving in the opposite direction. It’s really alarming because these kids are so small that their heads barely reach the bottom of the windows of nearby houses.

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The person who recorded this disturbing video was a resident living in the area. He was preparing to pray at 2:35 am when he heard strange, playful sounds coming from outside. Naturally, he was curious, but what he saw shocked him. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw these young children playing on the road in the middle of the night.

Realizing the danger they were in, he immediately called the emergency services (999) to report what he had witnessed. They assured him that a patrol car was nearby and would investigate the situation. To get a better understanding of what happened, the resident reviewed the footage from his home security cameras, and he was even more horrified by what he saw.

He expressed his deep concern, especially because he has nieces and nephews of his own. He couldn’t imagine them being out at such a late hour, putting themselves at risk. He wanted to stress that the timestamp on the video was incorrect; it was actually 2:30 am when all this happened.

Moreover, the resident pointed out the significant danger posed by speeding vehicles on that road. He emphasized that people drive really fast there, making it an extremely hazardous place for anyone, especially young children. He found it unbelievable that these kids showed no fear or understanding of the potential harm they could face.

Surprisingly, West Midlands Police have no official record of this incident. However, this video serves as a stark reminder of the importance of keeping our children safe and making sure they understand the dangers of playing in or near roads, especially late at night when it’s even riskier.

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