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How Vladimir Popov fought back against the tiger shark in an effort to escape (Video)

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How Vladimir Popov fought back against the tiger shark in an effort to escape (Video)

News has now spread that a young man named Vladimir Popov, who was only 23 years old, lost his life in a terrifying incident. He was attacked by a tiger shark while inside Hurghada beach sea. The government’s environment ministry in Egypt has confirmed this tragic event.

Vladimir Popov 23, his father, and his girlfriend went to the beach to relax when a large tiger shark attacked.

Vladimir Popov’s father bravely shared his account of the heartbreaking incident.

He had to watch helplessly as his son was attacked by the shark, hearing him cry out, “Dad, save me!” It was an incredibly difficult and painful moment for him.

When the video footage of the attack was reviewed, it became clear that Vladimir Popov initially fought back against the tiger shark in an effort to escape from its grasp. He fought with all his strength, not realizing that the situation could turn deadly.

He never expected that the shark’s attack would result in his untimely death.

After a prolonged struggle in the water, Vladimir Popov grew tired and weak due to the severe bites inflicted by the shark. Despite his injuries, he made a desperate attempt to swim away from the place where the attack occurred.

Blood was flowing from his wounds as he fought for his life. However, to his dismay, the shark returned with even more force and ultimately swallowed him whole.

In response to the incident, nets were used to catch a large tiger shark believed to be responsible for Popov’s death. The aim is to ensure the safety of people and prevent future attacks by these powerful marine creatures.

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