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My Son Begged For Help: Vladimir Popov Father Break Silents After His Son Was Killed By a Tiger Shark At Hurghada

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Who is Vladimir Popov?

He is a 23-year-old Russian tourist named Vladimir Popov fell victim to a fatal tiger shark attack while vacationing in Egypt. The Russian authorities have confirmed the unfortunate incident, which took place near a resort in the city of Hurghada on Thursday, June 8.

Eyewitnesses captured the horrifying attack on video, which quickly spread across various online platforms. The footage shows Popov being dragged beneath the water’s surface by the aggressive shark. He resurfaces briefly, attempting to fend off the predator, but the situation quickly turns dire. The water around him turns crimson, and the desperate cries of “papa” can be heard as the shark attacks once again.

According to local media reports, Popov had been residing at the resort with his father for several months. His girlfriend was also in the water at the time of the attack but managed to escape unharmed.

The shocking video captured the immediate aftermath of the attack, with witnesses expressing their horror and disbelief. One woman repeatedly exclaims, “Oh my God,” while another grimly remarks, “The shark’s eating his remains now.”

Authorities swiftly responded to the incident, with a small boat reaching the location moments after the shark had inflicted fatal injuries on the Russian tourist. Egypt’s environment ministry confirmed that they captured the shark and would conduct further examinations to determine the cause of the attack. As a precautionary measure, a 46-mile stretch of coastline has been closed off and will remain off-limits until Sunday, June 11.

While shark attacks are considered rare globally, with only five fatal unprovoked attacks reported in 2022, two of them occurred in Egypt. Interestingly, statistics reveal that on average, cows claim the lives of 22 people each year, highlighting the comparative rarity of shark-related incidents.

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This unfortunate incident in Hurghada is not the first of its kind. In July 2022, two fatal shark attacks occurred within days of each other in the same area. An Austrian woman, 68-year-old Elizabeth Sauer, survived the initial attack but succumbed to her severe injuries shortly after reaching the shore. The second victim, a Romanian woman whose identity remains undisclosed, was found disfigured on a nearby reef, suggesting a similar attack.

Egypt’s Red Sea resorts, including Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh, attract numerous European tourists due to their luxurious beach destinations. These incidents have prompted heightened attention to the safety measures in place at these popular vacation spots.

After the attack, the tiger shark responsible was captured and brought ashore by a boat. Vladimir Popov’s father, Mr. Popov, shared his heartbreak, stating that there were no family members nearby to assist his son during the attack. He described the incident as a tragic and unforeseen occurrence, emphasizing that the beach was considered safe, surrounded by ships and yachts. He expressed his intention to cremate his son’s remains and return the ashes to their native Russia.

Video footage documented the capture of the tiger shark, which appeared to be alive before being euthanized. Egyptian authorities have handed over the shark for research purposes to investigate its behavior and determine if it is connected to previous incidents.

The harrowing video of the attack shows Vladimir Popov desperately calling out for help as the predator circled him in the water, eventually launching its assault. Despite his valiant attempts to reach the shore, he was unable to escape the shark’s grasp. Witnesses shouted for him to swim away, realizing the imminent danger. Sadly, his pleas for help were in vain as the water turned crimson.

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Following the attack, a distraught woman, possibly an acquaintance of Popov, was seen on the beach receiving comfort from others. The Russian woman, who had been in close proximity to the victim during the attack, was pulled out of the water unharmed. Her relationship to Vladimir Popov remains unknown.

Popov’s father, Yury, spoke about the tragic incident, revealing that it took a considerable amount of time to locate his son’s body and bring it ashore. He recounted the shocking turn of events, expressing disbelief at the unfortunate circumstances. Yury mentioned that the beach where the attack occurred was typically considered safe, with children often swimming in the area due to the presence of water slides. He described the attack as a “meat grinder” that unfolded within seconds, leaving his son defenseless against the relentless shark.

The news of the shark attack sent shockwaves through the Russian community and prompted the Russian Foreign Ministry to confirm the death of one of its citizens in a shark attack. The loss of Vladimir Popov serves as a grim reminder of the dangers that can be lurking beneath the idyllic waters of popular tourist destinations.

Authorities in Egypt have taken swift action to address the incident and ensure the safety of beachgoers. The closure of the 46-mile stretch of coastline indicates a proactive approach to thoroughly investigate the cause of the attack and assess any potential risks to visitors.

Shark attacks remain rare occurrences globally, and Egypt’s Red Sea resorts have been regarded as safe destinations for tourists. However, the recent series of incidents, including the previous fatal shark attacks in Hurghada, have sparked concerns among travelers and locals alike. The Egyptian authorities will undoubtedly review their safety protocols and collaborate with experts to mitigate the risks associated with shark encounters in the region.

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As the investigation into the attack continues, the focus shifts to supporting the grieving family and the affected community. Vladimir Popov’s untimely death serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of wildlife encounters, urging tourists and beachgoers to remain vigilant while enjoying the natural beauty of the Red Sea’s shores.

The memory of Vladimir Popov, a young man whose life was tragically cut short, will undoubtedly be honored by those who knew him. As his ashes are returned to Russia, his family and friends will mourn his loss and cherish the precious moments they shared with him.

The incident also serves as a call for increased awareness and safety measures in coastal regions worldwide. The delicate balance between humans and marine life reminds us of the need to respect and protect these diverse ecosystems to prevent further tragic incidents like the one that befell Vladimir Popov.

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