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Prince Harry Has Already Lost in The Court of Public Opinion-Dan Wootton

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Renowned journalist and broadcaster Dan Wootton has recently voiced his opinions on Prince Harry’s ongoing High Court battles. Known for his insightful commentary on matters of public interest, Wootton didn’t hold back in expressing his thoughts on the Duke of Sussex.

In His Words:

Prince Harry, known for his outspokenness and criticism of the media, failed to show up for the start of his court case against Mirror Group Newspapers. The absence of the prince, who often advocates for transparency and accountability, has infuriated the claimant’s QC and surprised the judge overseeing the proceedings.

Instead of attending the court hearing, Prince Harry was reportedly spotted celebrating his daughter Lilybeth’s second birthday in Los Angeles. Witnesses claim he was seen enjoying champagne in the first-class lounge at LAX airport. The prince’s no-show has sparked outrage among legal experts, with his own barrister, David Sherborne, acknowledging the disappointment and describing it as a disgrace.

According to Sherborne, Prince Harry is expected to attend the court tomorrow to provide his testimony. The barrister explained that the prince had flown in from Los Angeles the previous evening and was jet-lagged from the celebrations. However, this explanation did not appease the irritated judge, Mr. Justice Fan Court, who expressed surprise at the absence of the first witness on the opening day.

Andrew Green, the KC representing Mirror Group Newspapers, expressed his frustration and labeled the situation as “absolutely extraordinary.” Green criticized the late notice of Prince Harry’s unavailability, stating that it resulted in wasted court time. The KC had prepared to cross-examine the prince on the following day, and the unexpected delay has disrupted the trial proceedings.

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This inauspicious start to Prince Harry’s court case is seen by many as a reflection of the risks associated with his decision to become the first royal in 130 years to give evidence under oath. Critics argue that Prince Harry has been living in a fantasy world influenced by his wife, Meghan Markle, where facts often take a backseat to emotions and personal narratives.

The absence of cross-examination from Prince Harry’s media associates, including Oprah Winfrey, Tom Bradby, and Anderson Cooper, has also raised eyebrows. However, tomorrow promises to be a turning point, as KC Green is determined to undermine Prince Harry’s claims of hacking. The KC boldly declared the prince’s case as “fantastical” and emphasized the lack of evidence to support allegations of phone hacking.

In the court of public opinion, Prince Harry’s reputation appears to be on shaky ground. While he has been vocal about media intrusion and invasion of privacy, some critics accuse him of exploiting his own family’s privacy for financial gain. Allegations and stories surrounding Prince Harry’s personal life have made headlines, including claims of circumcision, which have been debunked as false.

As the court case unfolds, not only is the Mirror Group on trial but also Prince Harry’s reputation. With public sentiment already swaying against him, the outcome of the trial and its impact on the prince’s credibility remains to be seen.

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