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Why Prince Harry can’t be trusted anymore- Angela Reveals (Video)

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Prince Harry’s biographer, Angela Evans, has expressed concerns about the prince’s absence in court and his animosity towards the media. In a recent interview, Evans suggested that Harry’s non-appearance may be a result of self-sabotaging tendencies or external forces seeking to harm him.

According to Evans, Prince Harry has harbored a strong dislike for the press from a young age, influenced by his mother’s difficult relationship with journalists. Evans believes that Harry’s negative experiences with paparazzi, which caused distress to his late mother, have left a lasting impact on him.

During the conversation, Evans also highlighted Harry’s habit of blaming the media for various challenges in his life. She cited instances where he has exaggerated or fabricated events, such as falsely claiming a private marriage ceremony before the public wedding with Meghan. These actions, according to Evans, have raised questions about Harry’s credibility.

Evans expressed her belief that Prince Harry’s absence from court could be linked to an ultimatum from his wife, Meghan, who may exert influence over his decision-making. She stressed the importance of emotional support during this crucial time and suggested that Meghan’s presence would be beneficial for Harry.

Looking ahead, tomorrow’s court appearance holds significant importance for Prince Harry, as he is expected to provide vital evidence. However, concerns have been raised about his ability to handle the situation effectively, given the limited time for questioning and the absence of cross-examination in his previous media interviews.

Evans concluded by stating that Harry’s reputation is at stake, and his actions during the court proceedings will play a crucial role in shaping public opinion.

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