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Watch: Lady Colin Campbell Calls on King Charles to Take Action Against Prince Harry’s Titles

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Prominent royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell has urged king Charles to act decisively by removing Prince Harry’s titles. In a candid interview, Lady Colin Campbell expressed her concerns about Harry’s political agenda and suggested that Charles should intervene to address the escalating tensions within the royal family.

Lady Colin Campbell, known for her insightful analysis of the royal dynamics, criticized Harry’s apparent left-leaning views and accused him of pursuing a broader political agenda rather than supporting the centrist government. She argued that Harry’s recent comments about the government being at “rock bottom” were more aimed at its alleged alignment with the press rather than a genuine critique of policies.

Recognizing the parental instinct to let Harry find his own path, Lady Colin Campbell emphasized the need for Charles to take a stronger stance at a national level. While Charles has the authority to remove Harry’s prince title with a simple administrative action, Lady Colin Campbell noted that stripping him of his royal status would require involvement from the Parliament.

Lady Colin Campbell expressed doubt about the willingness of political parties to strip Harry of his titles. She suggested that concerns over race, given Meghan Markle’s background, might dissuade the Labour Party from supporting such action. Likewise, the Conservative Party would likely aim to maintain favor with both the monarchy and their supporters of diverse backgrounds.

However, Lady Colin Campbell proposed an alternative solution. She recommended that Charles insist Harry either refrains from making public statements or agrees to suspend the use of his titles temporarily. This approach would prevent Harry from leveraging his royal status while allowing the situation to unfold without resorting to more drastic measures.

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Lady Colin Campbell’s remarks have sparked a lively debate about the appropriate response to Harry’s political activism amid mounting tensions within the royal family.

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